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Thread: What Was Your Most Humiliating Experience With A Woman ?

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    What Was Your Most Humiliating Experience With A Woman ?

    What has been your most embarrassing moment with a woman ? It doesn't have to be with a SP or even sexual.It could be an everday thing...being embarrassedby woman that you were trying to flirt with or talk to.

    Something that made you shake your head and say to yourself
    "what a loser.."

    Mine isn't really sexual (since I haven't even had my first kiss) But
    its kind of related.About 4 yrs ago at work,I remember exchanging
    "good mornings" with an intern(student teacher);the usual
    pleasantries.I was surprised at how aroused I became just from
    a simple exchange.It wasn't because of how she was dressed
    (she was dressed appropriately).I guess I just felt some
    excitement from an attractive woman speaking to me.

    Now when I think back to that I think to myself "What an absolute
    loser..." I mean,getting a full-on erection just because a woman
    talked to you ? Pathetic !!

    It makes me wonder what would happen if I were ever in a situation
    to have sex; with an actual woman in front of me. My head would
    probably explode

    So,What was your most embarrassing moment ?
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    The most embarassing moment that comes quickly to my mind was when I was a young boy with my wother.

    When my face was dirty (for whaterver reason) she used to lick her finger and clean the dirty spot with tt. I remember how embarassed I was, espacially on the street when everyone was watching you.
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    The worse for me was when I went to a full service massage place. I paid 80$ for 30 minutes or something like that. She just started to rub my cock, I came within seconds!!! Then it was over because it was just ONE service! Ahhh man, I was so ashamed, I did not return for years and to this day, I still jack off before seeing and sp, just to make sure I wont cum in 2 seconds...

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    Quote Originally Posted by box View Post

    Now when I think back to that I think to myself "What an absolute
    loser..." I mean,getting a full-on erection just because a woman
    talked to you ? Pathetic !!
    Don't be so hard on yourself (no pun intended!). Sexual desire sometimes come unexpectedly in ordinary situations.

    And since you never had sex before, it's even more natural to get arroused easily when you're in contact with an attractive woman.

    I don't think it's pathetic, I think it's normal.
    "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are." - Anaïs Nin

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    I always find humiliatingly laughable a partner telling you "well, I am ditching you because I found someone else and I hope that it does not hurt you"...Lol..Everytime that happen, the gal has always been just an aside fuck friend I was having absolutely no interest in apart banging under couches. As if I should be upset for her infidelity. What would be the reaction of such gals if I would have revealed the number of aside lovers I was having in the meantime?? Lol! Of course, as a gentleman you are stucked with the hypocrit politically correct "oh no, no worries. as long as you are happy that way..bla bla bla". If only they knew!

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    Gosh there are too many instances to note. I could write a book. I guess the first time I embarressed myself was the the first time I tried to ask a girl out and I told a girl I liked her. This was in the 8th grade. She was out of my league at the time and I was shot down in flames. I had no idea what I was doing. My first time with a girl was in the 10th grade and I tried to stick my tounge down the girls throat and had no general idea of what the hell I was doing. She noticed my overall awkwardness and avoided me from that time forward. Most recently I asked a waitress out. We were talking back in fourth and things were going well and she accepted. I thought she was in her mid 20's. Than her mom intercepted some texts and told me to stay away and I was too old. I found out she was 18. More recently I was waiting on an escort in a escort non-friendly hotel. I was in the hotel lounge ordering a lite bite to eat prior to our session when the girl showed up 5 minutes early and I had to get up from the table and tell the waiter to send my food up to my room. Then I ran outside to ask the doorman to let the girl up. Everyone saw me and probably knew what I was doing. Then the waiter brought in the room service meal and he and the SP made a few comments in french back in fourth and I had no idea wihat they were talking about. Man was I conspicuous. The night prior I was sneaking a SP out of my room that I picked up in a bar. It was 4AM and the elevator opened up and hotel security got on the elevator with us

    Mr. Box I have embarressed myself so many times with women. The only way I think I could avoid this is by turning gay. I have been turned down, dumped, cheated on, caught red handed in the act of cheating, had fist fights, public arguments, and once had a sex act broken up by a policemen's flashlight...and yes I still sometimes get a hard on when a female gives me some attention out of the blue. These are all life experiences. A great coach I know once told me that if you want to be good at something you sometimes have to embarrass yourself once in awhile.

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    Three incidents come to mind.

    Early on in my massage days, I once had a session that lasted probably less than a minute. I showered. She came in, undressed, touched me, tickled me, two or three strokes and I was done. She was hot. I was horny. What can I say.

    Late teens. Had a GF who wasn't ready to "go all the way". Ended up one night in my GF's bed with her best friend. We were f***ing up a storm when my GF walked in. We had left her asleep in front of the tv. She calmly said it was time for me to leave. Needless to say, we broke up the next day.

    On a work related trip with a number of colleagues at a hot tropical location. Wives, husbands, etc are all there. Two DDG women from my office dressed in bikinis are talking to me and my wife at a beach side bar and I fall down the two stairs and almost knock them both over. I wasn't even drunk, just terribly distracted by the view. My wife laughed her ass off at me once she determined the young ladies were not hurt.

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    Yes, i recall one event...and actually thanks for opening this subject.
    It was about 8 years ago and one my Mom's friend always jumped on me and kissed whenever she saw me....She was extremely attractive and sexy.

    One time, she told to kiss her in front of my mom's friends...since she liked like her own son...I kissed very passionatly on her chick and i was wearing my pijama and i got aroused and all my mom 'friend felt I got aroused....Since I sweared I won't kiss any of my mom's friend. At time , I used to live with my parent...

    Anyhow, I laught on it now...

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    This girl drank lot of water. She wanted me to fuck her standing up in the bath tub.
    She just started peeing with no warning !

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    Most humiliating experiences:

    I had a date on a Friday. My period was due on Monday.

    I do not think I need to draw you a picture of what happened.

    Another time he had a nice jacuzzi ready and I knocked all the towels into the tub... we called for more towels and well to pass the time while waiting we started playing... double embarrassment: being clumsy and soaking all the towels and well lets just say the lady with the towels knew exactly what we were doing.

    I am sure if I put my mind to I I can remember more but those are the first two to come to mind.

    Oh yeah going to the wrong Chablis and knocking on the wrong door!

    LOL that was fun!

    Oh yeah the time a door man recognized me from my ad while I was waiting for a taxi!

    They will forget what you said,
    they will forget what you did,
    but they will never forget the way you made them feel.

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    Humiliating Moment # 1

    This was several years back when I used to use SP's a lot (about every other week for a year). I was single, horny and had a lot more available cash than I do now.

    I formed a pretty good relationship with the owner of one of the agencies and she would always ask me to try out new girls and me honest feedback. As detailed as possible so that she could decide on whether to keep the girl or not. It would be better if I was exposed to them first rather than a potentially irate client. After all, she promised to "make it up to me" if it was a bad experience, and I knew she'd keep that promise (she was also an SP in her own agency; and my favourite).

    One time I tried one of her new girls. A hot little Latina who didn't speak much English (which is a problem for me) and didn't seem to have much in the way of social skills regardless.

    All she wanted was to get to the bed where she went immediately went into high gear. Unfortunately she was too good and got me off in under 2 minutes.

    Now normally this wouldn't be a problem as I'd just wait and go for 2nd SOG and this time I'd last longer.

    But when I got off so early she turned around looking completely disgusted and said "Is that it?"

    My ego was so shattered that I just lost all interest in her and it really negatively impacted my comfort level with SPs after that. I "retired" from the hobby shortly thereafter. I didn't even have the inclination to have the owner make it up to me for my bad experience. My confidence was that far gone...

    Humiliating Moment # 2

    In January of 2008 I was in Victoria, BC, on business with an evening free. I called up a local agency and they sent an attractive young lady over. This was my first MP in several years (6 or 7).

    I know it wasn't her fault because she was sexy and trying hard but I just couldn't get myself rock solid.

    I tried inserting "Mr. Floppy" in anyway, hoping it would get hard once inside. Instead of getting hard, "Mr. Floppy" went off early. I'm talking immediately level of early.

    The two worst things that could possible happen to a man happened at the same time: Erectile Disfunction AND Premature Ejaculation.

    Suffice it to say, after that my confidence was completely shattered. Again.

    At least this time I was dealing with a very understanding SP who just snuggled up to me and talked afterwards, pretending that this was a completely normal situation.

    But I was still very, very embarrassed and feeling quite inadequate about the whole situation.

    I am now trying to slowly coax myself back into the hobby. First with MPs and then maybe I'll move on to SP's if I get my confidence back.
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    See my post on my first time with a SP. It's post #20. So good, it deserves to be in two threads at the same time!

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