So here is my theory, this is a new level of terrorism, and it's economic.

I imagine that the cost to hire One Nigerian to screw up an airline is relatively cheap. (When I say screw up I mean anything that makes the news).

I have nothing to back this up this wild accusation. I just kept watching "Casino Royal" over and over again on a flight from LA to Fiji, (there was nothing else on and it was a 13 hr flight).

There is someone out there who has been shorting not only Delta but all airlines stock & they need to get a lower stock price before the end of the year before their margin is called.

That someone is the modern terrorist. And no they're not Nigerian.

Nigerians are the telemarketers that try to get your credit card information and send cash via Western Union.

Yes Flame on, but useful comments are also appreciated.

- CWipes