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Thread: URGENT: Attention all Indys & Agencies SCAM ALERT

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    Exclamation URGENT: Attention all Indys & Agencies SCAM ALERT

    A friend of mine just reported that someone is trying to book her in advance for a multi-hour/multi-day date. The trick wants to pay a large deposit, part by INTERAC, and part by Western Union. A google search on the email address involved indicates that it has been used by Nigerian advance fee scammers before. The scam works like this. You take the smaller amount for the deposit, and the larger amount will come in and be a counterfeit cheque, or some sort of Western Union instrument.

    The scammer then cancels the date, and tells you you can keep the small deposit, but please refund the larger amount, which you do. Then, your bank will eventually tell you that the deposit was no good and you are on the hook for the money. Or, they have in the course of this arrangement, been given your banking details and they will clean you out.

    This is very common, right now the FBI has issued some warning about 'work at home' and 'shadow shopper' work, which is pretty much the same thing.

    Everyone, please be careful, don't fall for this scam and if you have any contact of this sort, feel free to post it here.

    They are obviously expecting that people in this business won't go to the police, or tell their bank why a 20 year-old girl is accepting several thousand dollars from an unknown source.
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    Yes, "Advance fee" frauds are a threat, and they come in many variations. Everyone should know that it can take over 10 business days for a cheque to clear, even a certified cheque! Unless you know the person well, you should never refund anyone's cheque (or any money transfer) unless over two full weeks have passed since you deposited the money in your accounts.

    If it's an emergency and/or a large amount, have the bank teller phone the originating bank in front of you to confirm that the cheque is valid. Write down the name of the bank teller who told you it was valid.

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