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Thread: Other types of adult entertainments in montreal?

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    Other types of adult entertainments in montreal?

    Hello guys,

    I am travelling to montreal from nyc next month mainly to check out the outcall services and doing some solo sight seeing during the day times. Of course I will be checking out the popular strip clubs and massages reviewed by merb. But I am wondering if there are other types of entertainments that I should check out in montreal? Any sex museums or shops? peep show spots? Any recommendations will be great! Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by monger2012 View Post
    Any sex museums or shops?
    Roxanne at Cleo's?

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    Hey Monger Where are you staying? Do you need any recommendations for escort friendly hotels? There is a thread in the lounge on this with lists of hotels that do not require room keys for the girls to come up to your room and there are some hints on how to get around this potential embarrassment if you are in one of the escort "unfriendly" hotels. I always stay on Sherbrooke st. There is a restaurant thread as well...use the search function. If you haven't tried a famous smoke meat sandwich try Swartz Deli. I like to share a bottle of wine with my date (almost everyone of them will drink with you and red wine seems to be the drink of choice) and then eat a light meal later. Seems like you can find a restaurant open at all hours Try Nichols or Reubans. For a good bar and restaurant scene walk down to Crescent st. If you like strip clubs it is best to go off island to clubs where you can actually go in a booth for CBJ. The Grand Prix was the best place around but that was shut down. I think last time I did this was Le Gentleman and I had a CBJ for 80$. I don't think you can do this on the island. Also, It is fun to walk up and down St Cathrine's st and people watch and pick out a bar to have a drink in. I really like to do this. The main thing is use the review section to pick out the reputable agencies and have a list ready of your favorite girls from those agencies and you should have a good experience.

    Good luck and I hope this helps

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    Les Princesses

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