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Thread: seeking some summer-ending fun...

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    seeking some summer-ending fun...

    do any fellow merb-ites know of some 'talent' in the townships?

    i've attempted to generate some discussion on this in the past, with little or no success...

    would really appreciate some feedback...private stock will be well rewarded...


  2. #2 depressing is this?
    more than 70 views and not a single answer...

    anybody else see a huge business opportunity here?
    the townships are overflowing with tourists...mainly with US dollars...who love french women.

    somebody needs to call somebody and set something up...

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    I believe that Merbite "Zaphyr" is based in the Townships during the school year, if your budget can handle her rates.

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    merci mes amis...

    i agree with SL for the most part, but i can assure you, head to any magog bar on a weekend night, and the place is teaming with swinging dicks looking for some 'entertainment'

    even in the winter it's hopping because of mt. orford

    if anyone would be so kind as to share some of the 'word of mouth' contacts, i would be most grateful (via pm of course)

    MJ - thanks, she is lovely, but i'm not a civil servant

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    just want to clarify that the above post was a shot at civil servants...not at the lovely zaphyr...

    just wanted to clarify


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    Hi Benny, there is a liink here about Sherbrooke, but is is quite a while back:


    Verge (I was JacknJill at the time)

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