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Thread: Best Escort Agency in Montreal for a true GFE

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    Best Escort Agency in Montreal for a true GFE

    Hi everyone

    I will be in Montreal City for a couple of days next week and during my stay would like to utilize the services of escort agencies for some real GFE. I really would appreciate if you could provide your feedback / advice on the escort agencies to avoid (scams, B & S) and the most reputable with excellent services (especially the ones whose pictures of escorts are real) as I really would prefer to choose the escort based on the picture and not the description

    For a real nice, classic and true GFE, I am willing to spend up to 300$ for an hour session

    Following is what caught my attention just by browsing the web but I need your help to validate these

    Also, this will be my first time experience (with escorts), I am a little nervous and hence would welcome any pointers (do`s and dont`s etc)...

    Thank you all in advance for your help

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    Quote Originally Posted by newbeeusa View Post
    escort agencies to avoid (scams, B & S)
    There is an entire thread here that is devoted to B&S/scam agencies, of which most of your list is included!

    My best suggestion would be to read the most active threads in the outcall section, along with the most recent posts (at least the first 2 pages), and you should get an idea of what agencies/girls are the best.

    As far as being a first times, there are many threads that discuss that very issue. Take your time, read as much of MERB as you possibly can... and enjoy your visit.


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