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Thread: Appartment for co-rent

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    Appartment for co-rent

    I have a 3.5 appartment, two people (me and a friend) used to rent solely for the "fun" business. Furnished, all renovated, very clean, in a quiet discrete neighberhood. Very accessbile by car, 5 min walk from metro too.

    The friend (poster on Merb) is leaving, i am looking for a co-renter who is not interested in living there, but interested in using it for fun (like i do). I personnaly use the appartment twice/once a week It is better and cheaper then a hotel and more intimiate... parking is available. No lease or paper for the co-renter are needed, pay monthly, leave whenever.
    The appartment in known by most agency.

    The appartment is available starting may. PM me if interested

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