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Thread: fake or real breast???

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    Question fake or real breast???

    I was wondering , do you like seing a girl with FAKE breast or REAL ones even if there small???
    I want your opinions about fake and real?

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    I always prefer the fake looking real ones or real looking fake ones.


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    It depends on the original size of the breasts. If the girl had a b cup or smaller, they'll never feel right. Now 'look' is an entirely different question...the better the Doc, the better the look.

    I remember a stripper who had the smallest of A's ive ever seen, but she really lucked out and got work done by one hell of a doc. Those tits looked GREAT. The nipples didnt point in any direction, the shape looked natural...just an amazing job. Another dancer got a set, she was a cute looking blonde with small b's....went a size too big and you can see the exact shape of the implant.

    But the best implants are those that lift and support breasts that are already large but are starting to sag. Know a dancer that got this done...put them against my face and im telling you....i couldnt tell they had anything done to them. Best looking 'natural' DD's.

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    Small and real, anything more than a mouthful is a waste anyway.

    Be a proud your beaver!

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    Why not make this a survey to see what proportion prefer silicon-based life forms?

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    Good one Hornee.....

    Line from the movie 'the naked gun'...

    "Hey, nice beaver"...."thanks, i just had it stuffed"

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    Stuffed w/ what??

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    A real poll thead

    I would rather have real hard numbers so follow the new posts.
    Have fun answering.
    Make her laugh, make her smile, and do make her moan

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    Real breasts, any size, but man oh man do I love a great ass

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