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For those who may be concerned about the moderation of MERB lately (or lack thereof), I don't feel I have been doing as good a job as I should have, given the number of posts and threads to read and the limited time I sometime have.

I need your help:

1) If you see something that should require immediate attention, please send me a PM, if possible with the thread link. I cannot guaranty I will look at it right away, but I will look at it more specifically instead of just browsing through all the threads.

2) If you think someone is a good candidate for a moderator's job, please PM me his handle. I will summarize all the suggestions and contact Fred with the list of possible candidates. The chosen candidate(s) will be privately contacted. Just remember that this is a thankless job, not compensated in any way.

3) Try to post in the right sections as much as possible (I still can not move threads, until the new version of vBulletin is installed).

4) Before making a post, take a few more seconds and ask yourself if what you are going to post is useful to the MERB community in any way. If the answer is no, or if you need more than 5 seconds to decide (then it's probably not useful), then do NOT post.

Thank you.


PS: In case some of you didn't notice, I had to do some cleaning-up, and deleted a few threads a few hours ago.
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