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Thread: Montreal adult biz partner

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    Montreal adult biz partner

    I am a tech professional seeking a partner to explore opportunities in the adult biz. If you have knowledge in the tech / business / marketing areas of adult biz and want to partner (share the vison and the pain ;-) ) with a like minded serious person - lets talk. Send me your thoughts.

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    I am interested in weeb dev, content dev, and webmastering. Here is some additional info I posted elsewhere:

    I am a newbie just learning this game. I have a strong technical and business background and I have a business plan in mind that targets the "next generation" of porn. I have two adult websites under development (links down). I am looking for someone to partner with in this endeavor - I am just stretched too thin and I have nop contacts in this arena. I am seeking a motivated and smart person from the the Montreal area. I want someone who can contribute in all aspects of the business - technical, marketing, ops, and administrartion - and will work with me in an ethical business model. If you are a Montrealer serious about building a business in adult commerce - lets talk.

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    I have been doing web development for the past 8 years.

    Coding: HTML, Javascript, ASP
    DB: Access, MS-SQL
    Web Server: IIS
    Reports: Crystal

    I work in a company that offers online services for Payment and Risk Assessement. I also have a degree in art so i have some knowledge of Photography, Video and Video editing. I have no marketing skills or business skills.

    I know a lot about web hosting, security, payment processing and the whole web side of things.

    If you are interested contact me.
    If it makes you can't be that bad.

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    Adult Entertainment

    Anyone currently looking for a business partner?

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    Depends on the business

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    You've got to be kidding, right? It doesn't take either a marketing or technical wizard to figure out how to make money selling sex! Find a few starving girls who don't look half bad (slightly crazy can be a plus, too, if you're going for that 'genuine' PSE level of service!); take some pictures of them and setup a simple web site; get your self a cell phone to take bookings... And then post a bunch of phoney reviews on the various review boards...

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    ur on the wrong board my friend.

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