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Thread: LE activity.St. Catherine near Pie IX.

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    LE activity.St. Catherine near Pie IX.

    I have just encountered some LE activity on St. Catherine near Pie IX. There was a good looking girl (most girls are not good looking in this area, it was too out of the ordinary) of approx 22-23 years old, short dark blond hair 5 ft. 5 to f ft. 6 110 to 115 lbs. baggy sweat shirt, baggy dark pants.
    I pulled up several car lenths from the corner and she approched my car, she told me she had a place and was trying to get me to name the service and the price. (never name the service or the price) I spoke only in english, she told me that she did not speak english yet she understood every word I said. When I was not comfortable with the situation terminated the situation. As I drove down the street I saw 2 guys sitting in a car with the engine running (I suspect that these guys were her back up).
    In conclusion never name the act or the price and when not comfortable with the situation terminate the situation. It could be that the Morality squad needs to fill their quota.
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    Thanks for the warning ... could be worth posting it directly into the street tread next time ...

    Gooooser !

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    Posting at the street thread is a good idea, but I think that this kind of info need some timely presentation. Posting at the lounge is the best way to get this news out. The doughnut eaters do not hang around for more than a day or two, or maybe its is just for a few hours sometimes.

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