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Thread: Montreal Expos Tickets

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    Montreal Expos Tickets

    OK, I know everyone is thinking... "Why would anyone want to buy Expos tickets" but I'm heading up this weekend and have some time to kill on Sunday. Noticed there is a matinee game. I'm looking to get top-notch tickets (behind homeplate, right by the dugouts by the field, etc.). Can I buy these at the park or are their scalpers at the park.

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    you can buy general admission tickets and then move to Back plate.... there is noone in the stadium about 5000 fans in a 40000+ stadium....

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    Last time I was there last season I bought the cheap tickets thinking we could get to the good section, unfortunately the ushers booted everyone out of the good seats and sent us to the bleachers so rather than have it look like anyone was in the stands they thought it best to send us to where the tickets we bought were located.

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    Thanks for the input. I'll probably take your advice and buy the cheap tickets. Elf, I don't understand your last message.

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    Its a shame that the Expos will be gone next season. My reason for visiting Montreal the first time was to watch my San Francisco Giants play against Les Expos. I was so happy with the location of the seats I bought online. Never in my life in any stadium will I ever again be that close to the diamond during a major league game. It was from that first trip that I've returned even during non baseball season to soak in the culture and civilization that is Montreal.
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    I was there too. I cant believe its over. Had tears in my eyes, holding them back. Have lots of pics from last night. I admit, since MLB took the team over, I have avoided going. Don't wanna give Bud Selig my money. But I am going to miss them. It has been a huge part of my life.

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    I have to agree with Bobby that called at Ron Fournier's show last night regarding Jean Charest one liner about the numbers that where not at the appointment and also Bernard Landry calling ouitside investors stupid .

    I just cant understand the canadian and quebec gouvernement .


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