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Thread: need a little help - hotel, sps etc

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    need a little help - hotel, sps etc

    I will be needing to stop for the night in Montreal in a couple of weeks, enroute to New Brunswick, arriving around 10pm. I will be coming from Toronto on the 401, and according to Mapquest I will after a few zigs and zags on varioues highways (20 - 540 - 40 - 25), then I will stay on 25 for a long time.

    So In any case,I want to stop for the night somewhere along this route. I want a hotel/Motel around $125, not too far from the highway.

    And - any suggestions for nearby extracurricular activities appreciated.
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    I am a big fan of . They are a "referal" website. They search darn near all the booking sites out there and more often than not, can get you the best price or location desired.
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    Thanks for your help.

    As far as women, I supoose I should of mentioned that I am probably most partial to women around age 35.

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