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Thread: Beware of Total Scam

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    Girl came to my friends room took the money and gave the money to her driver. When she came back to the room she took her shirt off and took out a condom then asked for Tips for no service yet. When my buddy responded that he did not want to tip until after the service was given she got upset. He then asked for his money back. My friend called the agency and they said that would send someone to replace her in 20 minutes. Needless to say an hour and half later nobody showed up and when he calls them they just hang up and dont take the call now.

    Stay away from this agency they are bad news. I wished that my friend had done additional research as it appears they have done this in the past under the name of Obsession with the same website.

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    Yeah. I had the same thing happened to me... The bit**'s name is Tonya or something... I am not sure as I blocked that out already. This place is a scam! STAY AWAY!

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