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Thread: Mark Cuban: "I have started multi-million dollar businesses with less than $1000."

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    Mark Cuban: "I have started multi-million dollar businesses with less than $1000."

    That is what Mark Cuban said as he gave his contestants an envelope with $1000 in it on his television program last week.
    My question is, is it realy possible to start a multi-million dollar business with less than $1000?(or any sort of sucessfull business with that amount?) Or, is Mark Cuban a lucky blow hard that has "made it" and is rubbing the worlds face in dog doodoo?
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    Depends on the industry. Mark was there at the right place and the right time of the IT industry to make his first million as a sales person. Then he got lucky on when he sold to Yahoo at the right price. You can't do that in the restaurent business for example, you need start-up capitals. Don't forget, in the dot com days, Cuban didn't have to turn a profit to make his billion dollars.

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    But, is it possible today? In todays business conditions?

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    Look at Micheal Dell, the guys who started Yahoo, google, just to name a few, they all started off with something small.

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    Cuban is a blowhard.

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    The escort business is a business you can start with an ad in the newspaper to recruit that tallent, A second ad to offer your services to the public, a cell phone and a beat up old car to tranport the talent in!

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