Where would a good place be for selling an old stamp collection.
Mostly used, stopped collecting in the early 80's, over 2000 stamps. I was a kid, so if there is anything rare and exciting, it was by chance.

I can go into Ottawa, or Montreal even Toronto. Any dealers who won't bend me over the counter and rip me off.
I know when I was a kid if I could get my hands on such a collection from some old fart who stopped collecting 25 years ago I'd be a happy camper.

I sold some of those Canada Post yearly stamp books with all the new stamps of the yer on ebay about 10 years ago, but only one guy from the Channel Islands put in a bid for them, and 2 [1980 and 81] didn't even get a bid. Am I out of luck? Which is why I am not even bothering to put the collection on merb's buy and sell.