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Thread: Happy? - and Mirror's Best of Montreal 2010

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    Happy? - and Mirror's Best of Montreal 2010

    These polls/lists are always interesting (and debatable)... "happy" to see Montreal in 2nd place even if the reasons given aren't that great.
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    I was personally "happy" to see the Habs represented in the pic...

    Go Habs GO!!!

    Have fun,


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dee View Post
    These polls/lists are always interesting (and debatable)... "happy" to see Montreal in 2nd place even if the reasons given aren't that great.
    Yeah ! the 'clean' is far from what it used to be...and they totaly forgot the best reason of all which is : The GIRLS !!!!

    And... you can try your latest recipe of Molotov cocktail almost every Spring.

    And... we might get more chicks back in downtown like in Toronto and Vancouver are trying to :
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    I'm especially happy in Montreal the two last weeks of July when almost everybody is on vacation.

    I went to my office this morning and I was able to pick my nose while driving because there was virtually nobody on the streets this morning (St-Denis, Jean-Talon, Pont-Viau bridge).

    Montreal clean???? Wait a it a mistake or not? If you want to see clean cities go to Germany, the Netherlands and the Sacndinavian countries...there we can really speak of cleanliness.
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    Sexo sin pecado es como huevo sin sal (Le sexe sans péché est comme un œuf sans sel/Sex without sin is like an egg without salt) [Carlos Fuentes]

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    between you and "them"
    It all depends on the comparables...compared with Chicago,detroit...the place is squeeky clean....And the girls better,i agree.

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    Quote Originally Posted by protagoras View Post
    Montreal clean???? Wait a it a mistake or not? If you want to see clean cities go to Germany, the Netherlands and the Sacndinavian countries...there we can really speak of cleanliness.
    Yeah ! like it used to be... before this 'wall to wall individualism' took over.

    And people go crazy for a couple molotov cocktail in spring while thinking it's no big deal to litter the streets and all public places all year long.

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    Quote Originally Posted by protagoras View Post

    I went to my office this morning and I was able to pick my nose while driving because there was virtually nobody on the streets this morning (St-Denis, Jean-Talon, Pont-Viau bridge).
    It's the little things in life that people don't appreciate enough

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    Yes Jeff Jones...and in order to contribute to maintain my city clean I don't throw out of the window the result of my nasal search!
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    Man is the measure of all things

    Sexo sin pecado es como huevo sin sal (Le sexe sans péché est comme un œuf sans sel/Sex without sin is like an egg without salt) [Carlos Fuentes]

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    Chicken and egg?

    I think that what makes Montreal (all of Quebec that I have seen) happy is the "Let's enjoy", "Let's Savor", "Let's Do It" attitudes... I put it down (up?) to the French fact. I join 2 friends for lunch every month... one is French the other not... we call it our "French Rendez-Vous" and even though it's not all in French it will last, on average, 3 hours.

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    I would agree that in social setting with most that the attitude and feeling is much more "laid back" and at a slower pace than in the states. However, make no mistake in the daily business world...there is no difference and in my opinion there can be a real lack of understanding of "human" capitol.

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    Mirror's 2010 Readers' Poll Best of Montreal

    City Life

    Best Neighbourhood 1. Plateau
    2. Mile End
    3. Notre Dame de Grace
    4. St-Henri
    5. Westmount
    6. Rosemont
    7. Little Italy
    8. Old Montreal
    9. Verdun
    10. Villeray
    11. Downtown
    12. Outremont
    13. Centre Sud/Village
    14. Pointe St-Charles
    15. Ville St-Laurent
    16. LaSalle
    17. Little Burgundy
    18. Petite Patrie
    19. Hochelaga Maisonneuve
    20. St-Leonard
    21. West Island
    22. McGill Ghetto
    23. RDP (Rivière des Prairies)
    24. Côte des Neiges
    25. Parc Extension
    The Plateau rules! And Mile Enders show artsy hipster enclave pride, with a big turnout to leapfrog the Deeg over last year. The Hank also jumps a spot over its snooty neighbours up the hill, and Rosemont jumps from #12 to #6, thanks perhaps to an influx of younger folks priced out of previous ’hoods. Downtown, however, drops four spots to #11, but Little Burgundians represent, boosting their standing from #25 last year #17 this year.
    Best Minority 1. Italians
    2. Anglophones
    3. Haitians
    4. Jews
    5. Blacks
    6. Latinos
    7. Gays
    8. Francophones
    9. Asians
    10. Indians
    Honourable mentions: Portuguese • Chinese • Greeks • This category is disturbing on a number of levels

    Eh oh! Italians take the top stop back from anglos, while Haitians come in at #3—probably for obvious reasons (hint: it rhymes with mirth-shake). But did voting for Haitians split the Black vote? They drop two points and Jews climb one. Alarming, however, is the precipitous drop of the Greeks, who collapsed like their home country’s economy from #6 to Honourable mention. Blame Goldman Sachs.

    Best Building
    1. St. Joseph’s Oratory
    2. Sun Life
    3. Place Ville-Marie
    4. Bell Centre
    5. Notre Dame Cathedral
    6. Olympic Stadium
    7. Belgo Building
    8. Habitat 67
    9. Bibliothèque Nationale
    10. Concordia EV
    Honourable mentions: Musée des Beaux Arts de Montréal • IBM Building (1250 René-Lévesque W.) • Palais des Congrès

    The Oratory and Sun Life swap, and PVM, the Bell Centre and Notre Dame hold steady this year. The Big O, for reasons unknown, climbs two spots, while 1000 de la Gauchetière and the Orange Julep—last year’s #9 and #10, respectively, disappear, making room for the now not-window-shedding Bibliothèque and Con U’s great big new edifice at Guy and Ste-Catherine.

    Best Place to Spot Celebrities
    1. St-Laurent
    2. Old Port
    3. Buona Notte
    4. Crescent St.
    5. Downtown
    6. Bell Centre
    7. Ste-Catherine St.
    8. Globe
    9. W Hotel
    10. St. James Hotel
    Honourable mentions: Garde Manger • Time
    Supper Club • Grand Prix
    Follow the trail of flashing cameras and you’ll likely wind up somewhere on the Main, in the Old Port or downtown—the top five spots are essentially the same, with only minor positional jockeying between spots 2–5. A little celebutard bad boyishness can add a lot of cred to a new resto, though: just ask the folks at Garde Manger about Jake Gyllenhaal’s alleged dancing and shoving incident earlier this spring.

    Best Place to Have Public Sex
    1. Mount Royal
    2. Parc Lafontaine
    3. Any park
    4. Metro
    5. Rooftops
    6. Old Port
    7. Alley
    8. McGill campus
    9. Parc Jean Drapeau
    10. Beaver Lake
    Honourable mentions: Westmount Park • Bell Centre • Lachine Canal • Foufs bathroom • Behind Blue Dog • On a cop car • Photo booths in metros • Third floor bathrooms of Shatner Building • A tent on my lawn • Against the window in a Hyatt hotel room overlooking the Jazz Fest • Behind KFC • Cinema l’Amour • Circuit Gilles Villeneuve • Club Super Sexe bathrooms • Decarie Hot Dog • Gérald Tremblay’s desk • In a van on Parc Ave •In front of the Five Roses building • In the grain silo in the Old Port • Korova’s bathroom • Nickels Alexis Nihon • Notre Dame Basilica • Nowhere for gays: the police are looking for them EVERYWHERE • Old Sperm Hill aka Mount Royal • Olympic Stadium—they don’t call it the “Big O” for nothing! • On a BIXI • On the back of a float in the St. Patrick’s Day parade • On TV, like Anne-Marie Losique • That tree grove in Griffintown • The couch in the CJLO studios • The Expo 67 ruins • The Fringe Beer Tent • The wading pool in Parc Jeanne Mance • Under the lights on the big tree at Place Ville Marie • Under the Turcot • Wellington tunnels

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    Montrealer Closest
    to Sainthood 1. Father Emmett Johns (Pops)
    2. Leonard Cohen
    3. Brother Andre
    4. Jaroslav Halak
    5. William Shatner
    6. Jean Beliveau
    7. Celine Dion
    8. Lhasa de Sela
    9. Georges St-Pierre
    10. Pierre Elliot Trudeau
    Honourable mentions: Maurice Richard• Kate McGarrigle • RPM (Roving Party Machine)

    Pops takes the top spot for the billionth time in a row, with dapper Mr. Cohen holding steady in the #2 spot. Last year, a number of Habs-related persons—Koivu, Kovalev and Gainey, all now gone—made the list, but this year, Canadiens net-minder and Slovak sensation Jaro Halak backstops his way onto the list. Sadly, Lhasa de Sela and Kate McGarrigle are new additions to the list, proving that even though they are gone, we still love them. And queer partiers clearly adore their booze-slushy dispensing Roving Party Machine.
    Montrealer Closest to Hell
    1. Gérald Tremblay
    2. Jean Charest
    4. Pauline Marois
    5. Earl Jones
    6. Louise Harel
    7. Ben Mulroney
    8. Celine Dion
    9. Carey Price
    10. Jacques Parizeau
    Honourable mentions: Peter Sergakis • Bob
    Gainey • Brian Mulroney With some playoff success, Montrealers are reassessing their opinion of former Canadiens GM Gainey—he dropped from the #2 spot last year to Honourable mention. Our scandal-plagued yet curiously re-elected mayor still reigns here, while fraud, thief and all-around viper Earl Jones makes his sorry debut. Mulroney père and fils still make the list.
    Most Desirable Man
    1. Justin Trudeau
    2. Leonard Cohen
    3. Georges St-Pierre
    4. Gabriel Aubry
    5. Todd van der Heyden
    6. Sam Roberts
    7. Roy Dupuis
    8. Mike Cammalleri
    9. Rufus Wainwright
    10. Joseph of Tiana & Joseph
    Honourable mentions: Jay Baruchel • Plastik Patrik • Marc-André Grondin The top two spots remain inviolate, but a lot of movement lower down the chain. Mixed martial artist GSP claws his way into third (see story), while Halle-Berry-dumpee Aubry jumps from Honourable mention mention last year to fourth. A possible pity vote? Newscasting hunk van der Heyden makes #5, followed by playoff hero Cammalleri and Joseph, of the “fashionable, funny and gamma-ray hot”—not to mention somewhat mysterious—scenester couple Tiana & Joseph. According to Facebook and other reliable sources, the couple has some kind of fab loft here and will be returning to NYC next year.
    Most Desirable Woman
    1. Elisha Cuthbert
    2. Emmanuelle Chriqui
    3. Mitsou
    4. Melissa Auf der Maur
    5. Mutsumi Takahashi
    6. Annie DeMelt
    7. Celine Dion
    8. Tiana of Tiana+Joseph
    9. Nadia G
    10. Holly Gauthier-Frankel aka Miss Sugarpuss
    Honourable mentions: Béatrice Martin (Coeur de pirate) • Bronwen Agnew • Karine Vanasse Jack Bauer’s kid and “sloppy second” Elisha Cuthbert is still the queen of babedom in Montreal, despite her dating a Toronto Maple Leaf, while Entourage’s eye-poppingly beautiful Chriqui (see story) rockets up from Honourable mention to a well-deserved #2. Melissa, Mits and Mitsou jockey for positions, while New York native and shameless self-promoter Tiana appears out of nowhere to stake a claim at #8, just ahead of another shameless self-promoter, blogger/chef Nadia G. Burlesque babe Miss Sugarpuss debuts, as does former underage alt porn model Béatrice Martin, better known as chanteuse Coeur de pirate.
    Best-dressed Montrealer
    1. Leonard Cohen
    2. Rufus Wainwright
    3. Plastik Patrik
    4. Simon Schlesinger
    5. Mado
    6. Philippe Dubuc
    7. Todd van der Heyden
    8. Tiana & Joseph
    9. Xavier Dolan
    10. Nadia G
    Honourable mentions: Celine Dion • Jessika
    Fancy • Justin Trudeau
    Who knew that a local spoken word poet guy (Schlesinger) could out-dress not only the city’s bestknown drag queen, but also a successful fashion designer, a dapper newscaster, a shameless self-promoting couple, a bushy-headed, bespectacled Cannes wunderkind filmmaker and a shameless selfpromoting blogger/chef? Not us! His friends, maybe?

    Best Sports Personality
    1. Mike Cammalleri
    2. Georges St-Pierre
    3. Jaroslav Halak
    4. Georges Laraque
    5. Carey Price
    6. Randy Tieman
    7. Anthony Calvillo
    8. P.J. Stock
    9. Joannie Rochette
    10. Mitch Melnick
    Honourable mentions: Ted Bird • Tomas
    Plekanec • Jacques Demers

    Ah, Montreal in the spring. In the playoffs. Do well, Mike Cammalleri, and you’re a god. Do badly, and, well, ask José Theodore—a perennial awardsweeper until it all went bad, and he to Denver in 2006. He was #6 Closest to Hell that year, so don’t get cocky. Meanwhile, GSP (see story) fights his way into the stars, Halak is stopping pucks and winning hearts and figure skater Joannie Rochette shows what can be accomplished despite adversity striking in the most terrible way at the Olympics. Big Georges Laraque may not be punching anyone into next week these days, but the fan favourite and PETA zealot is duking it out with animal cruelty. Sock it to ’em, BGL!
    Tackiest Personality 1. Mose Persico
    2. Ben Mulroney
    3. Mado Lamotte
    4. Celine Dion
    5. Cary Tauben
    6. Gérald Tremblay
    7. Anne-Marie Losique
    8. Tommy Toxic
    9. Frank Cavallaro
    10. P.J. Stock
    Honourable mentions: Tommy Schnurmacher • Jean Charest • Plastik Patrik
    Mado overtakes Celine for #3, leaving Mose as king of fromage and Ben leaving his puddle of ooze in second place. Fashion weirdo Tauben jumps a spot, and burlesquer Tommy Toxic makes his first appearance.
    Best Politician
    1. None
    2. Justin Trudeau
    3. Amir Khadir
    4. Richard Bergeron
    5. Jean Charest
    6. Pierre Trudeau
    7. Thomas Mulcair
    8. Gilles Duceppe
    9. Gérald Tremblay
    10. Jack Layton
    Honourable mentions: Luc Ferrandez • Marc- Boris St. Maurice • Peter McQueen

    The big story of last year’s municipal election was, of course, the success of upstart, grassroots party Projet Montréal. Party leader Bergeron now sits on the executive committee (and for the first time, here in fourth place), while his Plateau borough mayor Ferrandez appears for the first time as well. The mayor dropped from #4 to #9, yikes.
    Best Political/Social cause 1. Environment
    2. Dans la Rue
    3. Animal rights
    4. Haiti relief
    5. Health care
    6. Save the Main
    7. Legalizing pot/Compassion clubs
    8. Anti-police brutality
    9. Sex ed in schools/Head and Hands
    10. SENSE Project 20
    Honourable mentions: Cancer research • Better biking • Redoing Turcot
    Animal rights are big this year, jumping from fifth to third. But the news caught up with Montrealers and touched their hearts: witness Haiti relief’s high ranking, not to mention the ongoing and perhaps futile effort to Save the Main from overdevelopment. Sex ed needs to be back in schools, say our readers, and most people still like weed and dislike the Turcot project.
    Loudest Activist
    1. Jaggi Singh
    2. Nora Rohman
    3. PETA, Georges Laraque and Lucas Solowey
    4. Students
    5. Amir Khadir
    6. Stéphane Guilbeault
    7. Alison Louder
    8. Stefan Christoff
    9. Nisha Toomey
    10. Anti-police brutality protesters.
    Honourable mentions: Hockey fans • Michel
    Chartrand • Will Prosper

    Anarchist gadfly Singh reigns supreme again, while queer activist/organizer Rohman jumps two spots from last year. The animal rights brigade, led by Solowey and championed by former Habs tough guy and current vegan Laraque, leap up from #10 to #3. While the rabble rousing scene will certainly miss old school union man Chartrand, who passed away last month age 93 (!), maybe Habs fans and their clamouring will get the team winning again.

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    Nightlife 1

    Best Bartender 1. Derek Kenny (Scotyz)
    2. Heidy Proulx (Madhatter)
    3. Jessica LaBlanche (Honey Martin)
    4. Garth Burnham (Grumpy’s)
    5. Gern F (Grumpy’s)
    6. Gabriella (Moomba)
    7. Adam Vieira (B-Side)
    8. Devon O’Farrel (Clyde’s)
    9. Bill (Foufounes Électriques, Saphir, Brutopia)
    10. Danny Smiles (B-Side)
    Honourable mentions: Ram Krishnan
    (Grumpy’s), James Eagleson (Madhatter), Phil (Baldwin Barmacie), Stacy Kennedy (Tokyo)

    Maybe he’s got an advanced psych degree, making his the best ear to bend with tales of woe and wonder over a drink or two—the truest task of a dedicated barkeep. Or maybe, conversely, he sucks at math and generously guesses his mixes by eye. Either way, for the second year running, Derek Kenny at South Shore hot spot Scotyz aces this category, holding onto his #1 placing. The 450 has spoken! Grumpy’s Gern F slides again, from #4 last year and #2 in ’08, beaten out by his colleague Garth. B-Siders Adam Vieira (steady at #7, where he was last year) and Danny Smiles (up from the mentions and onto the list) also rank, but Danny, only 10th place? Smile harder, man, smile harder!
    Best Waiter/Waitress 1. Lisa Notargiovanni (Scotyz)
    2. Heidy Proulx (Madhatter’s)
    3. Rachel Dustin Sauve (Taqueria Mex)
    4. Lisa Armstrong (Bifteck)
    5. Brenda (Light Ultra Club)
    6. Vito Ciocca (B-Side)
    7. Dave Morin (3 Amigos)
    8. Felicity Hamer (Brutopia)
    9. Marie-Claude (Copacabana)
    10. Ioanna (Moomba)
    Honourable mentions: Jen (McKibbins), Jess
    Cadot (Rouge), Manon (McLean’s), Melodie (Saphir)
    What a jump for Lisa at Scotyz! Last year, she ranked at 10th place. A year later and she’s at #1, snagging another top ranking for Scotyz alongside Derek’s, above. All hail the king and queen of St- Hubert! Not too distantly behind her, grabbing second place, is Madhatter’s Heidi, who seems to dazzle her clients whether she’s on the floor or behind the bar (see above). Rachel at Taqueria Mex is a newcomer in this category, making an impressive third-place debut—olé! And Bifteck’s Lisa jumps five spots from last year’s ninth place.

    Best Watering Hole
    1. Bifteck
    2. Dieu du Ciel
    3. Scotyz
    4. Grumpy’s
    5. McKibbins
    6. Hurley’s
    7. Madhatters
    8. Brutopia
    9. Foufounes Électriques
    10. Bull Pub
    Honourable mentions: Burgundy Lion Pub, Barfly, Ye Olde Orchard, Honey Martin, Peel Pub, Casa del Popolo, Copacabana, Irish Embassy, Cock ‘n’ Bull
    In a category that’s all about reliably familiar haunts, it’s no surprise that the first-place winner of the two previous years, that mainstay of the Main, Bifteck, again wins out. But wait! The second-place slot is usually taken by either Brutopia or Grumpy’s, who this year earned about the same vote count as their fellow downtown-core joints McKibbins, Hurley’s and Madhatters. But comfy little “brasserie artisanale” Dieu du Ciel, a fave of Mile-Enders in a nook on Laurier, knocks ’em down with a furious leap up from mere mention last year. Perhaps, like many of the strange concoctions on Dieu du Ciel’s extensive menu of novelty brews, once you get used to it, you don’t know what you did without it.

    Best Sleazy Dive
    1. Barfly
    2. Bifteck
    3. Madhatters
    4. Miami
    5. Foufounes Électriques
    6. Thursdays
    7. Peel Pub
    8. Copacabana
    9. Cock ’n’ Bull
    10. Black Jack
    Honourable mentions: Reggie’s, Maz, Grumpy’s, Fats, Korova, PJ’s, Bar des Pins, Bar Diana, Cleopatra
    Bifteck might hold onto its top placing in the Watering Hole category, but this year, Barfly—the name of which basically trumpets its sleaze-iastic dive-osity—finally knocks the Biffer outta top place here. Nice to see Black Jack, home of Time’s Up (a weekly sock hop/glee club organized by local interfaith youth outreach project Pirates of the Lachine Canal), finally getting the top-10 toehold it deserves.
    Best 5 à 7

    1. Carlos & Pepes
    2. McKibbin’s
    3. Thursday’s
    4. Buvette Chez Simone
    5. Brutopia
    6. 3 Brasseurs
    7. Foufounes Électriques
    8. Confessional
    9. Baldwin Barmacie
    10. Winnie’s
    Honourable mentions: Scotyz, Irish Embassy, Sky Pub, Else’s, Salon Official

    Best Pick-up Spot
    1. Thursdays
    2. Foufounes Électriques
    3. Winnie’s
    4. Gogo Lounge
    5. Tokyo
    6. Rouge
    7. Korova
    8. Baldwin Barmacie
    9. Fagotin
    10. Blue Dog Motel
    Honourable mentions: Cagibi, Madhatters,
    Saphir, Reggie’s, Salon Officiel, Unity
    The perennial winner-by-a-mile in this steamy category, Thursdays, maintains its champion status as hook-up central for Montreal, and Foufs holds onto its #2 ranking. New on this list are Radio Lounge, doin’ something right at fourth place, Baldwin Barmacie and the South Shore’s Fagotin.

    Best Wine Bar
    1. Pullman
    2. Buvette Chez Simone
    3. Bu
    4. Vino
    5. Chesterfield
    6. Bouchonné
    7. Pop!
    8. Narcisse
    9. Plateau Lounge
    10. Wienstein & Gavino’s
    Honourable mentions: Whiskey Café, SAQ

    This is a new category. Answering the slurred but good-natured calls of oenophiles (that’s Greek for “connoisseurs,” which is French for “lushes”), wine bars have sprouted up all over town in the last year or two, boasting stacks of obscure but fancypants reds, whites and rosées in environmentally controlled chambers worthy of The Andromeda Strain. Wine aficionados, who can be pretty fussy about these things, should note that Pullman, on Parc just north of Sherbrooke, utterly aced this category, coming in far ahead of any competition. Check it or any of the others out, and remember, sommeliers love it, just love it, when you question their authoritative suggestions..

    Best-looking Clientele

    1. Cagibi
    2. Buona Notte
    3. Velvet Speakeasy
    4. Foufounes Électriques
    5. Sparrow
    6. Globe
    7. Moomba
    8. Time Supperclub
    9. W Hotel
    10. Fagotin
    Honourable mentions: Casa del Popolo, Salon Official, Tokyo, Blue Dog Motel, Rouge, Sky, Bily Kun, Macaroni Bar

    Best Terrasse
    1. Saint Sulpice
    2. Pub Ste-Élisabeth
    3. Sky
    4. Hotel de la Montagne
    5. Winnie’s
    6. Tokyo
    7. Terrasses Bonsecours
    8. Foufounes Électriques
    9. Santropol
    10. Vices et Versa
    Honourable mentions: Jardin Nelson, Macaroni Bar, Madhatters, Thursday’s, Hurley’s, Casa del Popolo
    The clash of the terrasse titans continues, with the sprawling back lot of Saint Sulpice again beating out the wonderfully sealed-off, ivydrenched sanctum of its nearby neighbour Pub Ste-Élisabeth by only a handful of votes. The surprise arrival in this usually stable category is Terrasses Bonsecours, indicative of how the Old Port is an increasingly busy social hub, no longer the exclusive domain of tourists. Also of note is Santropol’s cute little backyard, full of greenery and cats and what have you, likewise a newcomer to this list.
    Best Live Venue 1. Metropolis
    2. La Sala Rossa
    3. Club Soda
    4. Casa del Popolo
    5. Le National
    6. Foufounes Électriques
    7. Divan Orange
    8. Bell Centre
    9. Il Motore
    10. Katacombes
    Honourable mentions: Café Campus,
    l’Escogriffe, SAT, Friendship Cove, Jello Bar, la Tulipe, Barfly, Eastern Bloc, l’Olympia, Cabaret Juste pour rire, Upstairs, Torn Curtain, the Pound, le Medley (RIP)
    A moment of silence for metal depot le Medley, the doors of which are now closed… Okay, done? Great, let’s make a racket! No major changes in this category, with the cavernous Metropolis and cozier Sala Rossa again taking first and second place, respectively. The noteworthy development in this category can be found in the honourable mentions, where lofts and other DIY spaces, previously mostly unaccounted for, rank strongly. Good thing, because if you can tolerate dubious sound systems, lack of ventilation and the occasional roust by the beast in blue, these are the places where one can discover many of the acts that will be treading the stages of the more respectable entries a few years down the line.

    Best Lounge 1. Gogo Lounge
    2. Jello Bar
    3. Kafein
    4. Univers
    5. Laïka
    6. Typhoon
    7. Sparrow
    8. Vinyl
    9. Baldwin Barmacie
    10. Gotha
    Honourable mention: Koko, Blizzarts, Rouge, Consulat
    Best Jazz Bar

    1. Upstairs
    2. Diese Onze
    3. House of Jazz
    4. Jello Bar
    5. Snack’n Blues
    6. Bily Kun
    7. Modavie
    8. Griffintown Café
    9. Diable à Quatre
    10. L’Astral
    Honourable mentions: Gainsbar, Casa del Popolo, Absynthe

    Best Dance Club
    1. Moomba
    2. Rouge
    3. Unity
    4. Tokyo
    5. Club 1234
    6. Blue Dog Motel
    7. Korova
    8. Le Parking
    9. Salon Daomé
    10. Foufounes Électriques
    Honourable mentions: B-Side, Saphir, Sky, Velvet Speakeasy, Stereo, Radio Lounge, Light Ultra Club, Blizzarts, Electric Avenue, Green Room, SAT, le
    Up from fifth place last year, Moomba—the happenin’-est hot spot on that Sunset Strip of the North, avenue Pierre-Péladeau in Laval— beats out Rouge (last year’s seventh-placer). As pressing a question as “where the hell is Moomba?” is, “what IS a moomba?” Answer: a town in Australia, or alternately, “A possible final stage in the evolving life cycle of a Shumi in Final Fantasy VIII.” Unity also climbs up from sixth place last year, while Tokyo tumbles two notches and Parking drops five. Up out of last year’s honourable mentions into the Top 10 are Club 1234, Foufs, Korova and Salon Daomé.

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    Nightlife 2

    Best Club Night
    1. Faggity Ass Fridays (Playhouse)
    2. Sextape Fridays (Blue Dog Motel)
    3. Indecent Xposure (various venues)
    4. Thursday nights at Moomba
    5. Cruise Control (les Passages)
    6. Tokyo Rock Wednesdays (Tokyo)
    7. Mod Club (Blizzarts)
    8. The Goods (la Sala Rossa)
    9. Thursday on the Rocks (Salon Officiel)
    10. Meow Mix (la Sala Rossa)
    Honourable mention: Mec Plus Ultra (le
    Belmont), Bass Drive (Koï), Grilled Cheese Thursdays (Blue Dog Motel), Showtime Saturdays (Koï)

    Faggity Ass Fridays again rule the roost in this category, but the wrapping up of DJ Mini’s longstanding Overdose nights at Parking opens up second place for Sextape Fridays at Blue Dog, last year’s third-placer. Indecent Xposure’s parties make a powerful first-time showing, while ladies’ night Cruise Control jumps up a spot.

    Best Afterhours
    1. Stereo
    2. Circus
    3. Silver Door
    4. Red Lite
    5. La Banquise/the Main Steakhouse
    Best Promoter 1. Blue Skies Turns Black
    2. Global NTT
    3. Grand Entertainment
    4. Sherwin Tija
    5. I Love Neon
    6. D.L. Jones
    7. Greenland
    8. Jesse Walker
    9. Evenko
    10. Hello Darlin’
    Honourable mentions: Indecent Xposure, Pop Montreal, Bête Rouge, Ricky Dee, Saintwoods, Big Moe
    The skies are blue as ever for returning goldmedalists BSTB, who celebrated a decade of dramatically varied indie concerts this year. Global NTT climb up to second place from fourth last year, in part no doubt on the strength of their well-received Over-Exposed showcases at Jupiter Room. A special shout-out to Sherwin Tija, the comic artist and bon vivant behind inventively themed events like the Strip Spelling Bees and Slow Dance nights.
    Best Strip Club 1. Wanda’s
    2. Club 281
    3. Chez Paré
    4. Kamasutra
    5. Super Sexe
    6. Solid Gold
    7. Café Cleopatra
    8. Amazones
    9. Downtown
    10. Stock
    Honourable mentions: Déesses, Kingdom,
    Campus, Taboo, Calèche du Sexe, Pussy Corps, Strip
    Spelling Bee
    Congrats again to Mr. Tija (see above), whose Spelling Bees also earned an honourable mention in this very honourable category (one that’s again dominated by Wanda’s, as per last year).
    Best Gay Bar 1. Unity
    2. Sky
    3. Le Parking
    4. Faggity Ass Fridays (Playhouse)
    5. Le Stud
    6. Drugstore
    7. Chez Mado
    8. Woof
    9. Club Date
    10. Cagibi
    Honourable mentions: Stock, Stereo, le
    Belmont, Aigle Noire, KOX
    A nostalgic tip of the leather biker cap for that last honourable mention, the late and lamented KOX, and a “good boy” and a scratch behind the ear for Woof, a new arrival in this category. The name suggests a canine focus but apparently it’s the bears who dig this joint.
    Best Lesbian Bar 1. Drugstore
    2. Cagibi
    3. Sky Pub
    4. Le Parking
    5. Meow Mix (la Sala Rossa)
    6. Unity
    7. Playhouse (Faggity Ass Fridays)
    8. Sisters (RIP)
    9. Magnolia (RIP)
    10. Le Cocktail
    Best Drag Queen/King 1. Mado Lamotte
    2. Plastik Patrik
    3. Nat King Pole
    4. Connie Lingua
    5. Marquise
    6. Miss Cookies
    7. Johnny Forever
    8. Miss Butterfly
    9. Tracy Trash
    10. V.nus
    Honourable mentions: Ian Poe Kerr, Kiki Chan,
    Cary Tauben, Rod Screwheart
    Mado and Patrik, as in previous years, look marvelous in first and second place here, respectively, and deserve it for their tireless efforts to keep this town a freaky kind of chic. Meanwhile, drag king Nat King Pole vaults (sorry, had to) up a notch to third place.
    Best Pool Hall
    1. Sharx
    2. Skratch
    3. Boule Noire
    4. Fat’s
    5. Drugstore
    6. Frappé
    7. Montreal Pool Room
    8. Bifteck
    9. Unison
    10. Shooters
    Honourable mentions: Bogey’s, El Jumanji, Bar St-Laurent, Barfly, Copacabana, Romolo
    Best Comedy Bar
    1. Comedy Nest
    2. Comedy Works
    3. Comedy Loft
    4. Cabaret Chez Mado
    5. Bourbon Street West
    Honourable mentins: Mainline Theatre, Théâtre Ste-Catherine
    Best Stand-up Comedian
    1. Sugar Sammy
    2. Joey Elias
    3. DeAnne Smith
    4. Louis-José Houde
    5. Andrew Searles
    6. Martin Matte
    7. Jon Lajoie
    8. Peter Radomski
    9. Mike Paterson
    10. Anthony Imperioli
    Honourable mentions: Andrea Stanford, Franco Taddeo, Faisal Butt, Lydia Lockett, George Hamilton Braithwaite
    Best Drug
    1. Marijuana
    2. Ecstasy
    3. Alcohol
    4. Cocaine
    5. Caffeine
    6. Mushrooms
    7. Speed
    8. LSD
    9. Hashish
    10. GHB
    Honourable mentions: Advil, heroin, salvia, PCP, poppers, DMT, ketamine, Adderall, nicotine, morphine,
    paint thinner fumes
    Dishonourable mentions: Love, life, happiness, music, laughter, yoga, sunny days, air, bubble tea, friends, fun, jazz
    Other than a mild surge in popularity for amphetamines and GHB, this list is point for point and joint for joint the same as last year. Marijuana remains Montreal’s high of choice, referred to by the voting public as cannabis, ganja, grass, reefer, weed, fine herbs, G, 420, da chronic, Mary Jane and Good Ol’ Smokey. Mad props to the one person who voted for 2C-I (aka 2,5-dimethoxy-4-iodophenethylamine)—where the hell’d you score that shit?

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