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Thread: Aug 3-5,Members interested in gathering at a stripclub/sexy resto or? 1st drink on Me

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    Cool Aug 3-5,Members interested in gathering at a stripclub/sexy resto or? 1st drink on Me

    I'm coming down again, it's been a year or so, long trip. Anyway, if any members are interested in a small group gathering somewhere, stripclub/sexy restaurant/regular bar/etc, post or PM me. To hang with some like-minded individuals could be entertaining. I doubt I can bang hot chicks for 72 straight hours so I'll have time to kill.

    I'll buy your first drink, maximum 5 drinks. I don't want to spend all my cash if 50 dudes show up. Any dances, cover, tips and extras are your responsibility. You could be a cheap ass like one of my friends, sip on a gingerale for 2 hours if you want.

    August 3,4,5, Tue,wed,thu.

    Let me know. Any suggestions?

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    the last of the mohicans
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    montreal or costa rica baby
    Is there a particular age group in mind? I would be in for this..
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    I'm 38, don't really care who shows up. All good with me. Young, old, not a big deal. I'm middle of the road I guess. Lets get a few guys going and it'll be fun. Any ideas?

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    I'd love to join but I'll be in New York next week. I like meeting other forum members and I'd sure like to join if there is another gathering.
    Have fun!
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    I might be free on the 5th

    Let me know!
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    Stay thirsty my friends

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    I'll be in town the 14th & 15th if you're still in Montreal then.

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    masterbates, i'm free on the 5th, but plan on one or two massages cuz it's my last day. But, at night sounds good. Let me know where u want to go. Pound a few drinks and see some stuff that we like to see. If you PM with your availability and ideas I'll PM my cell #. I'll buy u a couple if it's just us. Nobody else seems to be that interested.

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