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Thread: Question about access

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    Question about access

    Sorry for posting this here but I cant figure out the following:
    At the place where we see the individual subforums, i see
    Threads: 3,718
    Posts: 37,189

    for the Outcall section

    when i come inside the subforum, i see only 54 threads.

    How come? Am i missing something?

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    from the upper right hand corner of your merb screen go to:

    Settings | Thread Display Options | Default Thread Age Cut Off

    select Show all threads from the pull down menu.

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    once you are inside the section, at the very bottom of the page is the "Thread Display Options".
    In the 1st pulldown "Show threads from the" change it to beginning, and to the right click on "show threads"...

    it should show 173 pages of threads!
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