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Thread: Need recommendation for hotel

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    Need recommendation for hotel

    I've recently moved to Vermont, just across the border, and would like to visit Montreal for a weekend. Could someone suggest an easy to find hotel that's moderately priced, clean, with off-street parking in a safe part of town?

    I'll also want the company of a FS (GFE) provider and would like to know anyone's recommendations since I've not experienced any of these lovely Montreal ladies. I've been reading alot of the posts and man, so many to choose from. Those of you living in Montreal are so lucky!

    Many thanks!

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    As far as hotels in Downtown, it would be hard-pressed to find one that has street parking without having to pay somekind of metered parking.

    One of my favorite downtown hotels is the Delta Montreal. Very SP friendly, and the rooms are nice. Parking is $19/day CAD.

    If you belong to their frequent stay program, Privilelge, as I do, then there are opportunities for upgraded rooms, as I have gotten many times. Further, internet access is free.

    The Hyatt is nice, too, but parking is probably among the most expensive for a 3 star hotel. It is $23/day for valet parking, with no option of self-parking. The rooms are nice, but I prefer my upgraded rooms at Delta better. There is a public parking structure that next to it that charges much less, but it has no in and out privileges.

    The Novotel has really pretty ladies. I like the fact that this hotel has the best looking receptionists in town. Self-parking is $14/day, relatively cheaper than the other hotels in Downtown.

    The Holiday Inn Select on St. Urban is OK as well. It is right next to Chinatown. Parking is $14/day.

    Otherwise, you might have to stay at some hotels that are not in Downtown. Try the ones in Brossard and Longueil. Many don't charge for parking.

    There is a motel that many locals use, but it is not downtown. However, it is only about 10-12 minutes from downtown with a car, and no fees for parking. Most importantly, it is very sp-friendly. It is the well-known Chablis motel on st. Jacques. It is very moderately priced. For the weekend, it runs $100/day with taxes included for a room with one bed, and $125/day for a two-bed room. Further, it has many other options, as suites with jacuzzis, etc.

    As for SP's, give us an idea of the price range, and I am sure others and I can assist you with the information.
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    donnyb, thanks for the quick reply; you gave me alot of good information on hotels, and I do appreciate it. Since I don't know the city, and I'll be driving up, are any of the hotels easier to find than others?

    As for SP's, I'm used to spending $250/hr here in the US, so $200 or less would be good. I'm also partial to petite, C cup or larger, who are GFE.

    I'm open to any and all inputs from you guys...thanks again!

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    Delta Centerville is the easiest to find, the first hotel you see driving into the center of town. It is a nice hotel, 4 star. Highelove is right about the Le Faubourg. Their rates are very reasonable.

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    I stayed in Delta Centerville, Ville Marie, Queen Elizabeth, and one more that I cannot remember the name of. If you are visiting to see SP only then I recommend Ville Marie as it is cheap and there is a bank ATM right across the street. These ATMs accept US ATM cards and give Canadian Cash. You save money on exchange rates this way, but pay the regular $1 non-US bank fee. If you want to stay in a class hotel then try Queen Elizabeth or Le Sheraton.

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    The Hyatt can be had very cheaply on Priceline now (between $45-$53, USD) and the public parking is $16/night. DonnyB may be right that there are no in/out privileges but if you don't know the city and you are in for a hobby trip there will be no reason to leave. The Hyatt is IMHO best located hotel in Montreal and best value for the serious hobbyist.

    The other hotels mentioned by DonnyB can also be had on Priceline - Holiday Inn Select and Novotel. The Novotel has nice looking babes but an elevator key policy after 6:00 p.m. that discourages many hobbyists.

    In the 4 star class, I like the Delta Centre Ville, Hotel Omni and Sofitel. Do not stay at the Hilton Bonaventure. Priceline has it as a 4 star but it is 3 star in quality and the rooms are dark like caves.

    You need to search the other hotel threads as well as there are many, many good and informative posts there. See the thread started by Special K in particular.

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    Megaman121, based on your request for moderately priced hotels, stick to the ones that I suggested.

    You could go on Priceline or Hotwire for those hotels. Choose from 2 1/2 star to a 3 star hotel.

    If you stay at some four star hotels, you might be paying more for other incidentals, such as higher parking fees, etc.

    Actually, if you don`t mind the Quality Hotel on Parc Ave, a two-star hotel, it really fits your request perfectly. First, it is very sp-friendly. Second, the parking is $15/day. Third, local calls are free, very rare for a downtown hotel. Finally, it is within walking distance to many of the incall places should you want to experience that.

    Now for the ladies. Based on what you say about your paying $250/hr US in the states, I am sure you are hoping to get your value for your dollar considering the travel expenses as well as accommodations and meal expenses.

    With that in mind, here are my suggestions on some reputable agencies so that you don`t get ripped off.

    $130/hr CAD.
    Jardines de Madison (formerly Mr. Jacques). 514-570-0254
    This agency is well-renowned for offering ladies who offer very liberal services, what some would consider as GFE. One thing to consider however is that you don`t always get the best looking ladies, although you may indeed be lucky.
    Last time I used them was about 2 years ago. I have seen a total of 10 girls there, and I would say that 4 out of those 10 ladies I found decent looking. In fact, 2 I found to be pretty. However, the other ones, well let`s just say I was disappointed with their looks.

    Luxure 514-571-4555
    This agency has some former Mr. Jacques` girls, so you could expect to get some good services. I have not seen any of the ladies here, so I can`t really say much. However, highelove has reviewed Claudia, so you might want to check her out.

    Satin Dreamz 514-223-0325
    A very well run agency. It has what I would term as the girl next door looks, but provide very GFE services. They are reliable, and the owners are known to have good customer service.
    Here, I would recommend either Porcha or Nadia.

    Asservissante 514-592-6465
    This is my persoanl favorite. It depends on who you get, but you may be lucky and get a very nice looking lady who offers GFE services. Since you are going on a weekend, the best night would be Friday night. Saturday has been a bit tougher.
    Some recommendations would be Marie-France and Naomi.

    At least $300/hr or $450/2 hr CAD
    has some nice looking women with GFE services.

    Hopefully this should provide you with some idea. Now don`t go and ask about specific services as I have made suggestions based on your preference for GFE services. Therefore, most of the recommendations should fit. However, remember the age old saying, YMMV.

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    My 2 loonies...

    Agree with donnyb, Delta Montreal is also my fav. Pros: It is reasonably priced, free Internet access, plus it has a balcony in some rooms where you can take a breather in between sog in case your engine overheats. If the sp asks to smoke, I usually have them smoke in the balcony. In addition, the workout area is pretty decent with swimming pool, raquet ball court, and a good size weigh room. Cons: they have rooms above 21st floors where you need your access key to get to, you might need to usher the sp from the lobby to your room, the elevators sometimes are too slow.

    Holiday Inn Selected on Viger is a good choice, not too pricey. Pros: condoms can be purchased in the lobby mens room in case the sp forgets to bring them, steps from Old Montreal, and Chinatown. Cons: no in-room Internet access, the annoying bellboy constantly checking if you're a guess to use the shared business center.

    The new Hyatt - was told that it's under new management, new renovation, some of the rooms are 1/2 done hence the low price. The location is prime if you can get a decent room.

    Hilton Bonaventure is a disappointment, with the price they charged they don't even have in-room Internet access. I was told that they have wi-fi access in the bar, didn't try, not sure if they charge extra. Pros: close to subway and Montrealer to bus you to the airport.

    Sofitel is a must if you can afford it, last time I paid $195cad/nite. Very nice hotel, the room is a bit small, but the bed (with real high quality beddings) and the bathroom are very nice. It doesn't have a tub, but I had a good time with a sp in the shower. The only complaint I have is it doesn't have hot tub/sauna/steam room. Would have been a nice addition, I gave my feedback to the hotel manager.

    The Omni is also very nice, but if I were to spend that kind of dough, I might as well take Sofitel, just stay away from Hilton Bonaventure.

    Good recommendation from donnyb on the reputable agencies to check out.


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    Thanks guys for all the good info.

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    Boutique hotels

    If you want to go the 4* route and also enjoy the best of the small boutique hotels I can strongly recommend the Hotel St. Sulpice and the Hotel Nelligan. Both are elegant, comfortable, and chic with impeccable service and a great bi-lingual staff. I got a loft suite with jacuzzi bath at the Nelligan last week for a good price right off their own website reservation page. I would consider the Nelligan one of the top five hotels I've stayed at worldwide. I also had dinner at Verses restaurant in the hotel with the two ladies who had entertained me and one another for the previous three hours. Now that's what I call an "escort friendly" hotel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by montrealfan
    Hilton Bonaventure is a disappointment, with the price they charged they don't even have in-room Internet access. I was told that they have wi-fi access in the bar, didn't try, not sure if they charge extra.
    We just stayed at the Hilton Bonaventure (for $90/night through 4 weeks ago. Our room had high-speed internet access at CAD$9.95/24 hours. We, like you, also prefer the Sofitel (the Deluxe rooms are larger) but couldn't pass up that price. Currently, the Omni is considerably cheaper on Expedia than any of the other 4* hotels and we plan to stay there next week. (Besides, if you join their free preferred guest program they'll send you certificates for half-priced stays and free room upgrades which bring the price to well below Expedia's).
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    Thumbs down Hyatt 10/16/04 Recommend!

    I just wanted to share this info and ask a question....I got the Hyatt Regency in Montreal via Priceline for this Saturday night....10/16/04! I bid $52 US and with fees it was under $64 hurry I read somewhere that they were doing renovations and that it was half done or to request a certain floor...anyone got any info about the newer rooms?

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    I don't know what your budget is but I stayed at the Marriott Summerhill Suites last June for about $130(Canadian). It was a 2 room suite, free breakfast, free hi-speed internet (not wireless), sink, electric range, and refridgerator in the room.

    The place is on St Jacques Baptiste...about a block from Notre Dame and right in the heart of Vieux Montreal (my new favorite neighborhood).

    I know cheaper can be had but I only make it up to Montreal 2 times a year since changing jobs from the private to the public sector, so I figure why not splurge a little on myself?

    As far as SPs are concerned, I've found some gems in the under $200 range; in particular Satin Dreamz and Freedom-Passion.

    Have fun my friend. I hope to make it back up in December.
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    My hotel of choice is always the Clarion on De Maisonneuve West.
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