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Thread: Web Hosting - Where to file a complaint

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    Smile Web Hosting - Where to file a complaint


    Does anyone know if it's possible to file a complaint against a web hosting company for their business practices (obviously aside from the company itself).

    This is the story behind this request.

    I wanted to start a business and have a website. I joined the web hosting company justhost [email protected]@p:// My business plan fell threw and I didn't even proceed to even have a website. I signed up for a 2 year plan with all fees included. Now here's where the dilemma starts, after one year the company charged me an annual fee whereby it was supposed to be included in my 2 year package, it's as clear as black and white in favor of my situation but they continually say otherwise. Then I got curious, I checked and found out that this company is to be avoided at all costs. [if interested check out:]. Lesson learned on my part. There was a user on mywot that said he would file a complaint with "the DE and CA Attorney Generals Offices and the FTC/FBI Sentinal system" . . . I believe this fellow lives in the U.S.A. . . . . does anyone know if it's possible to file a complaint here in Canada.

    Thanks . . . and avoid this company . . . it's better to take your money and have a date with an escort

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    Sounds like an American based company. You would be further ahead filing with the indicated American law enforcement agencies FTC/FBI or the Delaware and California Attorney Generals as the chances of any Canadian option being in the loop or being willing and able to do anything are virtually nil.
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