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Thread: Reviewing the same sp.

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    Reviewing the same sp.

    How can we review the same girl.
    If we repeat. It's obvious that we like what she does.
    It's more a follow up than anything else.

    However, if we saw a girl in a duo, and we decide to see the same girl
    but not in a duo ( alone or trio , )is it a new review, or is it a follow up?

    Finally, what's the point of writing follow ups?

    I'm asking because I know I 'm going to see the same girl soon.

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    Not all old reviews reflect what is happening now, follow up is important. Mileage may have increased or decreased.

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    The point to post a second review is to confirm the first impression. And maybe add on it, was the service the same ? More sensual the second time around?
    If the service was not up to par with the first encounter, then a second review is wanted.
    Lots of reason to post seconds and even third reviews.
    Ok, at one point it might become redundant, but you'll know that when you go through your post and it looks exactly like one of the other ones


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    Finally, what's the point of writing follow ups?
    If service is the same and less than a year has elapsed, I wouldn't bother with another review. If service is markedly better or worse, regardless of the lapse in time, another review would be in order. If more than a year has elapsed since your last review, an update might be useful to the rest of us, provided she isn't still being regularly reviewed by others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ph0361 View Post
    (..... or trio , )
    Oh HELL yeah!! Especially a trio!!
    I would write (and have) a second review whether the service has changed or stayed the same. If I am more comfortable with or think I know the girl better, there are going to be other things to do, even if it is a different technique or another service she offers. If the third or fourth times don't change there isn't much point in saying "I did her again."
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    A trio is tempting, but I would be more "expensive".
    "Uno" next week ( or maybe on thursday), but a trio would have to wait. I cannot just take money from my account. I need more subtlety. DonT' want my wife to become suspicious.

    A trio a must do. Now, or later.

    If there is something new ( or different) I'll let you guys know.

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    I have been astonished by how much a young SP's body can change in a few months. A review from a repeat client might mention a change in appearance. Agencies don't always update pictures.

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    I have been astonished by how much a young SP's body can change in a few months.
    Drugs and cheeseburgers work wonders.

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    I know an SP that was a 23 year old young and fresh looking girl, now she is a late 20s chubster that is skating on her past. It is amazing how she can get people to call her when she looks like a chubby welfare mom now with her straight long hair looking like she could not afford salon treatements.

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