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Thread: Turkish / Arab Courtesan for Greenhorn

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    Question Turkish / Arab companion for Greenhorn

    I`ve never visited an escort girl / companion. Upcoming Thanksgiving, I am in Montreal and would try it the first time... being 30 now ;-).

    I am desperately in love with turkish girls, long brown hair, cute body, dark eyes, lots of secrets, sensitive and totally hot... and I am looking for a higher class (maybe independent) girl who is like this...

    Any suggestions?
    Thanks a million!

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    Nobody can help here? there not such a girl around in Montreal?

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    the last of the mohicans
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    Well if you don't find anything else.. Try a girl I reviewed called Nikki
    she's Arab.. Gives a hellll of a deal at 100/hr and an even better deal on multi hour dates....She's a horny tiny munchkin.. Reminded me of Alvin on Spanish fly with a girls body..?
    ..... Good luck world...
    Oh I almost forgot....."!??#%^*+""

    before you embark on this perverted journey, let me leave you with a quote.......

    ' may you let your inner dragon.. Suck on the blood of chickens, until the egg is left without yolk'
    "Scars remind us where we've been. They don't have to dictate where we're going"

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    wohoo... found her. Your review sounds freaking great, so if there is not a more classy girl around, I'll call her. Thanks man! Also for the quote..

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    Is this really the only recommendation? Is there at the top five someone / I would prefer some proven quality like devilish...

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