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Thread: Snow tire suggestions, what brand to buy.

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    Snow tire suggestions, what brand to buy.

    I am looking for snow tires for the winter, what is the best brand to buy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Drebin View Post
    I am looking for snow tires for the winter, what is the best brand to buy?
    Don't know a specific brand, but a knobby tire with micro-sipes work the best for me. Noisier than a freight train or tornado but I never got stuck.
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    Much depends upon to what use you intend to put them and how much you're willing to spend. (Sounds sort of like other interests represented here, huh?)

    I have a roadster that I drive year-round, live in an extremely snowy, fairly rural area, like to drive fast, don't want studs, and don't have a limited budget. Nokian Hakkapeliitta R's are absolutely perfect for my purposes.
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    On a budget the Canadian tire Nordic are pretty good and have a pretty good reputation, I have those on my car and have no problems during the winter...on ice they are just ok. I believe that Michelin X-Ice have a good reputation but obviously more expensive.

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    Try the Tire Rack site

    They will tell you what tires fit on your vehicle, have a great selection and both the road tests and customer reviews are valuable.

    If anything you will end up with too much information.


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    I have Toyo winter tires on my prelude for the winter that perform just fine & Toyo TR1 proxi's for the summer that perform great. Toyo tires last a little longer because their rubber isn't as soft.
    May I suggest you call Talon Tire @ 514- 337-0833 . Talon Tire is also one of the few tire dealers that fill your tires with nitrogen instead of air, which is better for the tires & gas mileage...
    I've always been impressed with the professionalism of Talon tire.. They know what they are doing & are fair on pricing....

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    You buy used tires that have studs in them better than any new winter tire with more grip even on ice and its legal

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    I have some stud tires but you can't drive in Ontario with them...

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    Tires have a rubber "softness" rating. Softer is better grip at the expense of durability.
    Blizzaks by Bridgestone are good. Nokians (made in Finnland) are good.

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    The Canadian Tire Nordics were OK for me last winter.

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    Michelin with its various models depending on what you are looking for out of your tire
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    Be aware that CT has cheaped out and no longer offers road hazard warrant unless you pay extra.

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    I just bought continental exterme contact that i'll be using this winter they are highly rated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Drebin View Post
    I am looking for snow tires for the winter, what is the best brand to buy?
    Bridgestone Blizzaks are incredible. You could drive up an ice covered wall with them!

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    I figure I will not be doing any high speed driving in the snow, so as long as the tires are OK they will do. I am thinking Goodyear Nordics. I think the pre winter sales will start soon where you can get 25% off.

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