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Thread: Have you seen the movie "Client 9"?

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    Kansas Frank

    Question Have you seen the movie "Client 9"?

    I saw snippets of this "documentary" on Nightline last week. And I read the book about Eliott Spitzer's downfall -- "Rough Justice".

    I'll wait for the DVD.

    Supposedly, dudes were paying $30,000/day to be with an escort.

    If I had that kind of money, I'd buy a condo in Toronto and Montreal and take weekend trips to my second homes in Canada for Hobbying. And I wouldn't have to sneak around and be afraid of LE. Spitzer should have done that -- he should have bought a place in Toronto.

    Is any escort worth $30,000/day in relative terms to your wealth?

    Hell NO for me. I'm happy with $180/hour SP's.
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