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Thread: Help: Airport (YUL) to Downtown Montreal

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    Help: Airport (YUL) to Downtown Montreal

    Can someone tell me how to get from the airport to Downtown Montreal (and vice versa) in a cost efficient manner? Is there a bus, subway, shuttle, etc. service? Or are taxis the only way? Thanks.

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    There is a shuttle bus that runs frequently (every half hour I think) from YUL to downtown. You can then take a shuttle bus to most area hotels. The fee is 12.00 one way, or 21.75 round trip. Link to L'Aérobus

    If you take the taxi, the fare should be $31 each way.

    Public transportation is difficult at best.

    Shuttlebus (4-4-4) repeat: yes
    Taxi YMMV.
    Public transport (1-1-1)

    Nobody does it better...

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    thanks for the info!

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    do a text search, and choose airport under "important places".

    you need to take 2 busses to get to a metro station Lionel Groulx. the search will help you.

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