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Thread: Legal to open Escort agenc in Montreal,Quebec.

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    Legal to open Escort agenc in Montreal,Quebec.

    was wndering if anyone can help me out with this. I am currently thinking of opening my own agency. I dont know whether it will be Incall or Outcall yet, I am still thinking about the pros and cons of both. My main issue is legal concerns, there's pleny of exprts here in merb and I just wanted to know whether it is Legal or not...? Whatwould beconsidered legal and what wouldn't?

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    Quote Originally Posted by steez View Post
    I am currently thinking of opening my own agency
    Wow, steez, that`s quite a jump from never being with an escort in Sept, to wanting to be a driver the next day, and now an agency owner... all in the span of 12 weeks! That`s quite ambitious!!

    and aren`t the legal questions already being answered/discussed in the thread that I linked-to?
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    Lo! I like getting feedback from the best! No harm in having idea and asking for feedback now is there!?

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    Steez, if you are asking, it's because you better not try opening an agency.

    MERB isn't there to provide legal counseling and, it would be foolish to rely on opinions read here to so something as important as opening any kind of business.

    By the way, Montreal, Halifax, Vancouver, it's all the same, all over Canada. The only differences are municipal bylaws and the level of zeal displayed by cops.
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    Steez -- why make your life miserable. Running any business, especially an escort agency, is a pain in the neck and that's if you already have experience. If you have zero experience, you are better off burning your money in your chimney or simply give them away to a charity. Montreal already has fine escort agencies and independents. I don't see how you would provide something that is not already being offered -- by real, experienced folks. Save your money, time and sanity.

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