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Thread: cheap cigarettes

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    cheap cigarettes

    Where can you get cheap Marlboro's by the carton?
    And for how much?
    I have been ordering from using login name charlie99 and paying $13.95 total with a referral program.
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    don t know where your from but if your from montreal you can get them on the reservation. it beats buying them in the city.

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    These are not from California. They are ordered on line from then click on register and enter login charlie99 and order.

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    cigarette malboro at indian is 42$ canadien.

    si vous connaisses une place avec un meilleur prix dites-le svp

    altavista translation:
    if you know a place with a better price say it please. (C'est tu correct en anglais ca?)

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    cheap price

    Kanawague.. lot of native's cigarettes store... 23-25$ for 200 cig. All arround the 132 road from St-Constant to mercier bridge.
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    Sounds like that I mentioned at the beginning ot this thread is the cheapest with Marlboro cartons for US14. See my first post for website and details.
    They also have Gauloises and Gitanes for US15.

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