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Thread: $5 Dance, just today, Just for you.

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    $5 Dance, just today, Just for you.

    I went to a Cleos, and a girl came up to me with the just for you, just today $5 contact dance. Is this common, are things that bad?

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    Never heard that before but I would have jumped at the chance
    Stay thirsty my friends

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    Jamais vu des danses en bas de 10$ moi. Et même, c'est rendu à 15$ à la plupart des places.

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    5$ tu as just le droit de toucher une seule sein, j'imagine

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    De toute façon, à quoi bon aller aux danseuses? Pour une heure, ça coûtera environ le même prix qu'avec une escorte mais pour avoir le droit de ne rien faire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 10-4Roger View Post
    do you have to take a minimum of 20 dances ?
    Good one.

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    Hum? Who was this girl?
    I heard it's unexpectedly slow at Cléo's daytime lately. Th pre-Xmas rush hasn't kiked in yet.
    Maybe there wont be any, with all the destruction around the place.
    5$/dance? It depends on who's offering because some of those daytime characters are utterly scary.
    Captain out!

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    For $5 I would even dance Linda
    Stay thirsty my friends

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    I had a dancer give me the $5 package deal once, she told me that she needed $50 right away to pay another dancer money she owed her. So I got 10 dances for $50.

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