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Thread: Hotel rooms without carpet?

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    Hotel rooms without carpet?

    I have a client coming out of town and is looking for hotel rooms without carpet . He has dust allergies and carpet gives him a lot of breathing problems.

    Can anyone recommend any hotels?

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    you can call hotel Gault on 449 ste helene street in old Montreal I am certain that they have room without carpet.
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    Out of the ones that I have stayed at the only one without carpet that I can think of is the Auberge du Vieux Port in old Montreal. Hardwood floors there.

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    A very charming B&B/Boutique Hotel near Centre Bell. Hardwood floors. They do have one area rug per room, but something tells me they would be happy to remove it if you asked.
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    Thanks guys!!

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    Are doing the green jello and whipped cream thing with the client and afraid of getting some on the carpet?

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    The Holiday Inn Express at the airport has hardwood floors

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