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Thread: General Street Scams - Montreal

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    General Street Scams - Montreal

    I know that all big cities have some kind of street scam artist going on. I was recently reminded of that this afternoon. Just wondering what your experience with street scams has been?

    I happen to be in Montreal at the moment. I was approached by a young indian man in his mid 20's this afternoon (Jan 15th) who was waiting in the lobby of my building. I first thought it strange that a person was waiting beyond the secured door so I waited a minute before exiting the building. He was still standing there when I opened the door.

    The conversation went something like this:

    Guy: Excuse me, but my wallet was stolen. Do you have 5 CAD so I can get home.

    Me: Sorry I can't help you

    Guy: But you live in a nice building and you can't help me just get home to Laval. I'm a real estate agent and I'm just trying to get home.

    Me: I'm on my way to the metro. I can buy you a ticket.

    Guy: I have a friend in this building so I have to wait here to see if they are home.

    I then walked away to the metro station and purchased a metro ticket and then walked back to my building to give it to the guy.

    As I was walked back to my building, I saw the same guy getting 5 CAD from an old woman on the street. Apparently he just told the same woman the story.

    I gave the guy the metro ticket and said that he could get home now.

    I noticed that he had a cell phone on him, so I asked him for his name and number.

    He said his name was George and he gave me a number.

    I dialed the number from my cell phone and it didn't go through.

    I gave him my cell phone number and asked him to call me. He didn't try to call me.
    (The number I have is for a TEMP FIDO number for Montreal)

    At this point, he gave me back the metro card I just gave him and said never mind and tried to walk away.

    I said to him that now I'm beginning to think this is some sort of scam as I saw the old woman give him the 5 CAD and I gave him a ticket to ride the metro so what is he still doing here.

    He couldn't think of an answer and walked away.

    I let him walk around the corner and then I followed him. Around the corner I saw him talking to other people. I imagine telling them about needing 5 CAD to get home. He spotted me and started walking quickly away. He made it around another corner and then I lost track of him.

    I happened to be walking around with my leatherman at the moment. I'm not sure if I would have used it if I had caught up to him. Is it a big deal to knife a thief on the street and leave them bleeding?

    Being from NYC I'm familiar with this scam and have been approached in the past. It's funny that whenever I offer to buy them a ticket home they refuse and immediately try to get away.

    What would you have done?

    - CWipes

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    I have encountered the speaker scam many times. This is where they offer stereo speakers to you at a very low price because they were sent by their boss to a factory to pick up one pair of speakers but the warehouse gave them by mistake 2 pairs and they must sell it before they report back to the boss. In actual fact the speakers are very cheap low quality speakers in a nice looking housing. I never fell for the scam, but I know several people that did.

    Never buy food in a parking lot. I know a guy that bought 2 slabs of smoked meat in a parking lot for $20 a slab ( still in the cryovac bags ) When I asked him how do you know if it was kept under good conditions after the truck was hijacked, he decided to dump the meat rather than take a chance on ruining his health by getting botulism.

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    I never give anyone money just because they ask or beg for it. If they want my money they gotta give me a song and dance. I work for my money and so should they!
    "Just When I Thought I Was Out.....They Pull Me Back In!!!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDon View Post
    I never give anyone money just because they ask or beg for it. If they want my money they gotta give me a song and dance. I work for my money and so should they!
    I understand your perspective, but I figure there must be a time where someone is truly in need and it's not a scam. I don't hand over money blindly, but I do get pissed when I see someone else behaving badly.

    - CWipes

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