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Thread: Sunbathers on St. Catherine

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    Talking Sunbathers on St. Catherine

    So I was freezing my ass off walking along St. Catherine, when lo and behold, I see sunbathers! About four of them, all young, blond, and wearing skimpy bikinis! Damn, they were fucking hot! *Wonders if they're SPs* They were in the back of a truck, in a greenhouse-like transparent box, raising eyebrows and stopping traffic.

    I wonder what the hell they were promoting? Not a very effective campaign I guess!

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    Today was the Santas parade down town so I guess its was elfs .... Promoting xxxmasss


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    I saw them last week. They were promoting Mexico winter getaways. Now, I might be interested if I could convince one (or more ) of them to join me down there

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    Peel And St Catherine

    The Mexico mobile was on the corner this morning and i saw 2 babes get undressed in the wagon and hang out in there bikinis ...

    I feel like Mexico !


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