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Thread: Suspected outbreak at the Playboy mansion

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    Suspected outbreak at the Playboy mansion

    Health officials are investigating a possible respiratory illness outbreak after nearly 100 people became sick after a party at the Playboy Mansion.

    Guests reported respiratory problems, flu-like symptoms and pneumonia after a fundraiser at Hugh Hefner's California estate earlier this month, according to Ron Jackson, who attended the conference.

    The Department of Public Health sent a questionnaire to attendees of the Domainfest Global conference, held in several locations including the mansion Feb. 1 to 3, after reports it received of a possible outbreak.

    Officials in Los Angeles County said they are looking into the cause and the location where the illness may have been contracted, according to the Los Angeles Times.

    At least one guest at the mansion was diagnosed with pneumonia.

    "I still struggle with pneumonia, waves of fever and very painful coughing," said Markus Schnermann on Facebook.

    Jackson said in a posting at that he experienced some symptoms, but his wife Diana who also attended the conference became very ill.

    David Castello told the Times he attended the event in Santa Monica, Calif. and the mansion fundraiser, and became ill the day after.

    "It knocked me off my feet for five days," he said.

    More than 700 people attended the conference.

    A Playboy spokeswoman said health investigators have contacted mansion staff, and they are co-operating.

    Outbreak at the Playboy mansion

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    If the place is neglected and not up to date, probably the cleaning budget is not too healthy.

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    Maybe its all the jizz on the carpets mutating into a moldy heath hazard.

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    Sounds like Legionnaires disease.

    Anyone ever been to a Playboy mansion? Is it lile a German FKK or a Brazilian Termas? can you fuck the bunnies for money?

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