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Thread: What hotel or motel is convenient?

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    What hotel or motel is convenient?

    After reading the thread "hotel or home for outcalls" and particularly the point raised by liv4sex : what would be interesting is to find some HOTELS that are in downtown area that are clean and cheap so we can post them on MERB. I thought it might be interesting to start a thread to invite merbistes to share their experience.

    Visitors stay at the hotel while they come in Montreal and don't have this question mark when thinking outcalls. But we montrealers have to rent a room for this hobby. But what hotel/motel is affordable (a 130$ room makes the hobby a little expensive), clean, discret, and acceptable for the girls to meet you there?

    I'm not sure they have to be downtown, anywhere 15 minutes away is no big deal.

    Go ahead with your contribution.


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    Motels are cheaper, I've seen some on the South Shore for less that $100 for the day and $40 for a couple of hours.

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