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Thread: How do you post a review for the escorts?

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    How do you post a review for the escorts?

    Can someone send me a step by step.
    I tried last night for over 1 hour and could not figure it out.
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    First of all, I would suggest that you start off by reading the Sticky threads at the beginning of the Lounge section, especially the following threads, along with the subsidiary threads which they reference:

    Are you new to this board?:

    BEFORE YOU POST: FYI`s and Stupid Answers to Smart Questions:

    Service Providers with "no-review" policies:

    One of the subsidiary threads referred to above contains part of the answer to your question:

    Must Read: Posting Guidelines and Rules of Conduct:

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    In the future, if you have suspicions regarding any post you read on MERB, contact a moderator instead of playing one on the board. In this case your suspicions were correct. If things had turned out otherwise, you would be the one receiving the suspension.

    US Guy has been banned permanently and Jessica Lauren has been suspended for one month.

    Mod 8

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    That would rob him of the opportunity of playing Moderator! It is just like playing amateur expert or detective or pseudo-doctor in the HIV threads. They like to be Mods, Detectives, Cops, Doctors. Has he applied yet for the role of real Mod?

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    Hello EB,

    We have no problem with people wanting to help out. In fact, a number of members are very helpful with pointing out situations that slip by our notice at times. What we ask is that members do this by PM instead of making posts on the board. This helps avoid situations where a suspicion is wrong and could lead to driving a new member from MERB never to return or a flame war which does no one any good. Sending a PM also guarantees that a moderator will be aware of the possible problem and investigate it.

    Anyone should feel free to contact a moderator at any time by PM or email about any subject. Any help is always appreciated and shows that members care about the MERB community.

    Mod 8

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