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    Lady Stella

    Dear clients,

    Lady Stella is currently conducting a survey amongst customers. She would like to hear your opinion about a few things regarding the trade. Lady Stella would be very pleased if you took the time to answer these few questions. Do not worry, she will keep all the answers confidential.
    - Have you ever been arrested in regards to the sex trade?
    - What effects did it have on your way of evolving in the trade?
    - What effects did it have on your personal life?
    - Are you worried about police repression?
    - Do you believe the trade should not be criminalized?
    - Why do you believe it should not be criminalized?

    Lady Stella thanks you so much, dears.

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    This may be the Stella coordinator doing research for one of their advocacy projects. I saw her on TV some time ago, can`t remember her name, but she struck me as an articulate and attractive woman. (I guess I wish it is her )

    Anyway, the subject of decriminalization has been discussed in several threads. See for example:

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    Yes Lady Stella is someone who is working at Stella. I saw her yesterday actually. Remember Stella is run almost exclusively by ex-sexworkers so Lady Stella will know exactly where you are comming from.

    So please if any of you workers or hobbiests have ever been arrested please contact her. Even if you were not arrested but were harrassed by the police for talking to a girl, contact her. All relevant experiences are helpful.

    Stella is working hard towards decriminalisation of the sex trade. (Remember decriminalisation is not the same as legalisation. Only with legalisation does the government becomes our pimp.) To do so, we need to be able to prove that we know what we are talking about, and that we represent a significant number of people.

    Why is sex the only thing that I can give away for free but risk arrest if I want to charge for it?

    In my case prostitution is my trade of choice. Some difficult personal life circumstances led me here but the advantages (like being able to go back to school) are keeping me here. If I wanted to, I could work more and make more but I don't want to. How many of you ever wanted to turn down overtime hours, despite getting paid time and a half or even double time, and could not? I do have other well paying career options, I can return to car sales, or other sales. I just don't want to.

    Thanks for helping us to help you

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