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Thread: Do you leave your passport in the hotel safe deposit?

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    Question Do you leave your passport in the hotel safe deposit?

    Do travelling hobbyists usually leave their passports (plus valuables)in their hotel's safe-deposit box when out partying, and especially when going to incalls?
    I'm visiting Montreal and then travelling on to the U.S. so have to carry my passport.


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    Many hotels now have in-room safes. This is an excellent feature to consider when booking.

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    Kansas Frank
    I always keep mine in my in-room safe of my hotel room. Most hotels I've stayed at have a safe inside the room; during my out-call sessions, I even keep my laptop, wallet and cell phones inside the safe.

    Most hotels will state whether they have this amenity on their websites.

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    Thanks guys for your responses .
    The hotel I'll be at only has safe-deposit box at the front desk. I guess I'll have to use that.

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    Kansas Frank
    As long as the hotel is reputable, you should be fine. I once stayed at the Holiday Express across from Chinatown in Montreal -- they had safes in the manager's office. You get your own key to your own little safe and you just have to go in and out of the manager's office to use the safe; you get used to it. You don't need to carry around your passport in Montreal -- it's a very international place; you'll blend right in. Just act like you belong there. Have fun; Montreal is a lovely place. The women are exceptionally nice and beautiful, especially those who speak French. If only I spoke French.

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