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Thread: A little theory about shilling.

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    A little theory about shilling.

    The occasional shill threads made me think about the quality of shilling relating to quality of service.

    Am I wrong to think that poor shilling may often relate to poor service or at least poor customer service? By poor shilling, I mean when it is a shill obviously done without many effort to disguise it. Poor disguising = poor courtisanship (another form of disguise)?


    I know, my thread is kind of useless: I have time to spend now and nobody to talk to beside me, so you are my interlocutor.


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    It seems that any smart and proactive business minded person in this profession could create a believable and effective shill. Step one would be to establish an identity and even a little personality with some fake reviews. How hard can that be? Then you need to casually shill yourself without going overboard -- just to get your product out there and in a positive light. Then occasionally go back and re-shill, perhaps even mention how your service is getting better with time, etc.

    Of course it all falls apart if your posts are a total contradiction to all other posts about you -- but they say there's no such thing as bad publicity.

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    Guys, I'd like to remember you the rules about shill detection: leave this to the moderators. I don't want to start suspending those crying wolf without proof again.

    When you have a suspicion, PM or email the moderators and let us know.

    There are legit reviewers that started in very suspicious ways and, if every time a new member post a review that is a bit suspect gets accused of shilling, it won't be long before you guys are stuck to reading reviews that are outdated because there will be no new members posting reviews anymore.

    The shill can be found with time. One review and replies to it and the nothing is a good sign. Or only good reviews about one place and only bad about other places... Those don't requires members pointing, it's quite obvious.

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    There are stupid shills and smart ones. Blover, your example is not of the latter category.

    Example: I met an SP who I think liked me much more than her average client - unless she gives many of her clients her private phone number and offers to spend time with them off the clock. However, she claimed that she hated French kissing and wouldn`t do it even with a boyfriend. She has a thread in which the first few reviewers claim that she DFKs wonderfully. The last few say that she refuses. Now, of course, I would now bet lots that the first few are shills although it wasn`t at all obvious to me before I met her.

    I also wouldn`t be surprised if some people with a proprietary interest in an agency write bogus reviews of SPs of other agencies to establish credibility and then shill for their own agency. I`ve been asked by SPs to write them favorable reviews. When I feign never having heard of merb, I have even been asked to register and shill. Men have done much more for the implicit promise of special sex.

    I`m not criticizing merb nor their voluntarily enslaved moderators. Consider how discourteously some people drive when their identity is obscured by being behind the wheel of a car. The internet is full of misinformation as lying on the internet is virtually free of repercussions.

    Even if all reviews were completely honest, SPs are humans who have off days, so there are no guarantees. I haven`t had any total disasters (unattractive + poor service + being actually robbed) since I became aware of merb.

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    You wanna really learn about shilling? Then go to the other board where all they have are shills and fake reviews, a very misleading place.

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    To Mod11: My intention was not to point at that poster for shill but rather a general discussion about shilling, but its true that by linking it thats what I did..

    Potential shillers should read felicks post. Or maybe some do it already? One day will we have a veteran with 100+ posts do his mea culpa and acknowledge that he was a former booker or lied for cheap sex or a special option like GFTSWUD?

    I remember that I was first only reading reviews with 10+ replies just to dilute the shill effect until I was down to plan Z a few times. And I started all this barely over a month ago..

    Anyways, its also true that it may be hard to distinguish between a shill and a overly positive or negative way of seeing things. Which makes me think about a post about cauliflowers in the asscrack. lol!


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    Quote Originally Posted by blover View Post
    The occasional shill threads made me think about the quality of shilling relating to quality of service.

    Am I wrong to think that poor shilling may often relate to poor service or at least poor customer service?

    I can`t resist: so would the corollary be true? I.e. good shilling relates to good service? Don`t think so!!

    I would consider there are 2 ways of shilling:

    1- the total fake / bogus review... which is also subdivided into 2 sub-types according to how elaborate it is
    a) the short 1-2 sentences such as ``hey this girl is great, awesome tits, great service, I love her...`` -- usually these are discarded anyway because they offer no pertinent information.
    b) the more elaborate review with supposed details about an encounter which never even took place... These are harder to pick out, but as mods stated, they usually get detected after a while.

    2- the real review which is ``doped`` up with exagerations or over-emphasis, e.g. `` was out of this world`` when the girl barely touches the tip of your head...
    This type is harder to pick out because it can be attributed to some YMMV factor between clients/ SP initially or to changing practices by the SP with time. And SPs DO in fact change practices with time. Many girls start out shy and get more comfortable and the services get more assured. Others start out wanting to impress the galery but realise they don`t like some acts and don`t provide them anymore... or only to select regular well liked clients. Or sometimes some SPs will provide little perks to some clients, which she will not provide to others, in exchange for a (very) positive review.

    All in all, this is why I think it`s important for people to write reviews about hteir encounters, so we can see if a lady has a real good track record or not. It`s the best way for us to weed out the true reviews from the fake/ doped up elaborate ones!

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    So at the end of the day, the theory should go: any shill is bad and unrelated to service, good or bad. It makes sense I guess.

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