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Thread: A Hello and a Question.

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    A Hello and a Question.

    Hello, I'm new to Merb as I'm not from the area (more commonly active on Terb).

    My wife and I are planning a trip to Montreal in the near future and just wondering if there were any points of interest we should check out. We've already got our Eye on a couple strip clubs (Kama Sutra and Downtown), and a Lady booked for an evening but were wondering if there were any burlesgue shows going on or other simular things that people would recomend an adult natured couple to check out.

    Thanks in advance for the help

    - Jake

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    The Montreal Mirror's Best of Montreal 2011, Nightlife Section (, is a good reference on where to have fun in Montreal.

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    Kansas Frank
    I've seen couples in strip clubs in the States; it's great to see the dancers getting it on with the GF or wife and sometimes stripping her (partially).

    I think you and your wife would have more fun by hiring an SP or two who used to be dancers to have fun with both of you privately in your hotel room. Take your MP3 player with you as most high end hotels have devices that can serve as speakers for your player.

    I went to a very popular strip club in Montreal once and I ended up spending $50 even before I had a lap dance -- you have to tip everyone even before you are seated.

    Many of the Merbites can direct you to SP's who were former strippers and became very good SP's. Just make sure the SP's you book service couples.

    Have lots of fun and yes, please provide us with some juicy reviews.

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    Thanks for the replys! I realize SC's are more expensive then SP's however we don't intend on doing much but watching the show there. Sometimes the atmosphere's a good way to get an evening started.

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    Kansas Frank
    I see your point Jake. You might want to PM one of our resident scholar John Mbot on insightful and fun recommendations.

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