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Thread: New Years Eve Looking For .......

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    New Years Eve Looking For .......

    Need input on arranging a New Years Eve with a SP - looking for starting out with dinner and drinks and overnighter - GFE (DFK specially). SP should allow in public petting and kissing (like a GF).

    Would welcome suggestions and advice.

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    I`d suggest calling one of the reputable HDH agencies, whether it be companions, Platinum, Aleeva`s or Independent Network, also, Satin Dreamz may have someone available for a little less than the previous mentioned agencies or go with a reputable indy such as Laila, Ronnie, Samantha, or Sophia.

    Good luck and let us know how it turns out.

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    Just thought I would confirm that yes I am available for New Years far


    P.S. Public petting and kissing might bring out my exhibitionist side
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    special nite?


    Sounds like you are planning for a special nite. I'd suggest French Kiss Society also to what have been mentioned. I'd suggest you start with sending an email to a couple of these agencies/indies.

    I'd be very specific on what type of girls you are looking for, what your plans are, and especially what you would expect in public. I'd think the private overnite part may be much easier to arrange than the public part. If you can also describe a bit about yourself, I think that would be very helpful for SPs to decide if she can help you make that nite a special one for you. An SP who looks 30'ish may go well with men of almost any age, but it may be more difficult to look for one who is 19 for this type of occasion. (oops, may be my age is showing here.) My point is don't be shy about what you are looking for, and the more they know about you, at least what they need to know, the better chance there are for things to turn out good.

    Good luck, and let us know how you make out.


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