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Thread: Help with Laws in Montreal, Canada

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    Help with Laws in Montreal, Canada

    So I've been wondering for a while, along with a few friends of mine, fand we never really had any closure on these topics.

    1) Is being a driver for an escort illegal in Montreal, Canada?(my friend got an offer from someone he knows and was wondering if there would be any risks involved pursuing such a job)

    2) is calling an escort up and arrangin a meeting at a hotel for sex Illegal in Montreal, Canada? (Just for general info for futures sake)

    If any of you guys can help me out with this it would be very helpful. Thanks!

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    I'll let the lawyers here give you the full rundown on things, but here the 1 minute version:

    Re: your question #2: outcall is essentially legal in Canada. Incall is trickier as it might fall under the "bawdy house" provisions...

    Re: question #1: I have heard that when they want to disrupt the "trade" at a given location, police might go after drivers not so much for criminal offenses but for running an unlicensed taxi service. But this is just hearsay.

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    Hey Steez,

    You`ve asked these same questions before, and received answers before... here.
    Quote Originally Posted by steez
    What makes outcalls legal though?
    So, did you ever open your own agency, or become a driver...
    Quote Originally Posted by steez
    I am currently thinking of opening my own agency
    Quote Originally Posted by steez
    What about being a driver for some ladys, is that considered a "pimp" .. I was looking into doing it
    Always best to check posting history...

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    Question 1:

    • Illegal on 2 levels.
      • 1- Acting as a taxi driver without having the proper permits, for the vehicle and the person: It won't grant you a criminal record but the fines can be quite heavy, even including the vehicle being seized. Not only in Montreal but all over Canada. That goes under many legislation covering the taxi industry, taxi permits, insurances and all fun stuff. Part of the legislation is federal, part is provincial, part is municipal.
      • 2- Federal criminal laws about living of the avails of prostitution. That one gets you a criminal record and could include jail time.

    Question 2: Totally legal, as long as you pay for the room and the girl don't use the room to see other customers once you're done.

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