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Thread: Weather Advisory to Americans in Montreal

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    Weather Advisory to Americans in Montreal

    If you are a northeastern American in Montreal please be advised that the weather forecast for the New York City and Southern New England areas has been upgraded and a blizzard warning is in effect for 16"-24" of snow coupled with wind gusts of up to 60 mph. These conditions are forecasted to start at noon today and not end until late tomorrow. If you are planning to return to the northeastern USA tomorrow, forget about it. Stay in Montreal. There are going to be whiteout conditions and the National Weather Service is strongly urging no travel during this storm. Having driven through storms in the past I would strongly suggest that you all heed this advice.

    If you flew to Montreal, your return flight may well have been cancelled already. Many flights into Bradley Airport Sunday have already been cancelled.

    The storm may be the biggest to hit Connecticut since the famous 1978 blizzard which shut down the State for 4 days.
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    I advise everyone to stay in Montreal also...we are only going to get 2-4 cms

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