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Thread: Beware of phony spartacus!

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    Beware of phony spartacus!

    To all providers, fellow members, and friends.
    I have found out that there is someone masquerading as spartacus.
    he is booking apointments under my name, and asking for discounts and special consideration etc etc.
    Those of you who know me, know that I never book under Spartacus, but under my name.
    so if you are a provider and someone books under spartacus he is a fraud.

    if that happens please send me a pm.

    in order to be even more paranoid and security consious.
    I will also be changing my "real" name.
    so if someone books under my old name he is a fraud!

    if you would like to know my new name then please send me pm

    Thanks for your cooperation

    The real Spartacus.
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    Lightbulb Will The Phony Spartacus Please Stand Up & Be Counted!

    Spartacus: Sorry to hear that you have an imposter. On the upside, please take comfort that you are famous enough to attract imposters.

    Elf: I take it that it is much more difficult for someone to pretend he is the elf-kind?

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