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Thread: Question on getting tested.

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    Question on getting tested.

    I've read mention of a good clinic to get the full range of STD tests run (just routine, no scare involved) but can't seem to find it when searching.



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    CLSC Metro-Guy has STD blood test fully anonymous. You go, pick a number, they take your sample and you will be match with a reference number. So you call 1-2 weeks later to tell your number and they will say "positive or negative". No name asked.

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    To complete Backdoorman comment, most CLSC in the province offer the anonymous STD testing.

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    Review: Clinique Lactuel

    I recently went for some STD tests at clinique Lactuel and thought I'd report on my experience...

    Chlamydia and Gono combo test was based on a urine Q-tips you know where like in the old days Got results in 8 days. Cost me 79$ for my peace of mind.

    The service was OK, but not more. They are sensitive to protecting confidentiality. However I waited nearly 1 hour to see the doctor, and when my name was finally called, I got to see an intern instead. Nonetheless, he seemed knowledgeable and was able to answer my questions.

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