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Thread: Method of Getting Extras from a Stripper

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    Method of Getting Extras from a Stripper

    I had a long debate with a friend on getting extras from strippers during a lapdance. I wondering if one wanted to get more from a stripper should one try to get more by doing in a gentle manner or should one just ask for it the direct way. Example if I want a french kiss from a stripper do I inch by kissing her on her necks, ears, and slowly towards her lips. Or should I just ask her straight up during my lapdances that I want to have a french kiss?

    Not sure which is the better way and which method would have more success. Any opinions?
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    ya somebody please give some tips

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    You're better off with just going with an SP.

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    I don't know man, it depends where you go, but the mainstream clubs don't allow extras. You have the bouncers checking things out regularly in some of those places. A lot of the girls are not up for extras either, unless you are in a FS club of course. If you are having a good repour with a girl, I wouldn't make a move on her. Cash is king, so I would ask her how much for a dance and when she says $10 a song or whatever, then slide in "are there any extras?", and see how she reacts. I wouldn't push the issue though.

    A few strippers I've gotten to know fairly well in the past have told me they would be up for sex, but outside the club and for crazy money like $500-$600. I never went for it. Like CWipes said, you are way better off going for an SP. Just my opinion. These strippers are 10x the money hungry sharks SPs are.

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    Simple the more bucks = more mileage. More dances = more mileage. You can also end up disappointed even with more buck and more dances.

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    it's true strippers are more expensive. i asked one if she does anything outside the club, she said 2000$ for extras. that's right she said 2000$
    sp's are better like that

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    Just a BJ from a stripper last year cost me 150$ at my hotlel.

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    Too bad your wisdom didn't save you on this day :

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    Red face

    Wow. Thanks for the comments. I tried a few approaches and I used swag and building a connection with a stripper to get more. I tried both the direct approach and the more indirect approach where I gently and smoothly get more and it seems to work very well. A woman's body language will tell you if she is ready to be kissed or not. I got all kinds of extras with no extra money charged. Been offered take out but I deal with the stripper more often then not and I got it down to $200. It all in the approach and your swag.

    Just last Sunday at MSP, I meet a stripper new to the biz I got her to give me DFK in the booths. I was the first customer that she DFK. I had to dig a bit for it though. With her I used the direct approach and all she wanted was an extra $20 which I consider that to be a tip more then anything else. I have to admit it was a very nice french kiss. I never pay extra for it and if she wants extra money then I negotiate. My simple rule is what a stripper is willing to give me for my money? The more she gives... the more dances I take and the more money she makes. It is a win-win situation for both parties concerned. Obviously like with anything else with strippers it is always YMMV.

    Remember one thing that there are no fixed set of rules. One has to improvise and adapt with every unique situation. Find an approach that works for you. Looks goes a long way more then anything else for DFK. So the stripper must find your face attractive to some degree after all she has to see your face and her mouth will be on your mouth. These girls are not escorts and anything else that happens is a bonus so do not expect it.

    I was just curious as to the opinion of other merbites.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CWipes View Post
    You're better off with just going with an SP.
    It is easier and obviously the ration money to sex is consistently better. This whole SP is too boring for me. Am not too satisfyed with the whole pizza delivery experience. It is like ordering something for delivery. I have not booked an escort in so long. All my take out sessions so far has been with strippers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ManApart View Post
    A few strippers I've gotten to know fairly well in the past have told me they would be up for sex, but outside the club and for crazy money like $500-$600. I never went for it. Like CWipes said, you are way better off going for an SP. Just my opinion. These strippers are 10x the money hungry sharks SPs are.
    Exactly which is why you got to deal with them. They will frisk you for all the cash you got if they can. You got to play a game in the same way they try to play us customers.
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    If I wanted to play games, I would get a girlfriend For me sex workers are there to make things simple and easy.
    I wasted so much money in strip clubs when I was younger, before I realized escorts are more affordable.

    Here's an idea: get an escort, bring her to a strip club to drink with her and watch the shows then take her to your place and fantasize that you left with the most gorgeous stripper in the place.. for a fraction of the price.
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    Hey Cloud, this is something you already know but for the others, become a regular and spend lots of money on the stripper of your choice and eventually you should get all the extra's you want, of course not all strippers will do so but I am sure many will in these tough economic times, and or if she really likes you. Might be cheaper than you think if indeed she does like ya. Good luck.

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    you think it's possible to get a stripper to a motel with you after the club closes?
    if it can be done, what's the easy way of doing it. i know there' no 100% success method, but some kinda strategy that would be somewhat effective.

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    Sure money is the main reason for women to get into this stripper profesion. Some of them really "get it" how to make big $$$; re: Roxanne, Cindy. With their $1000 plus /shift there was no reason for those two to deal with $200 take-out, despite liking you or not. You really want to target the mid-level earners for affordable take-out.

    Now for another approach. There are certainly a fair number of strippers with low to very low self-esteem. Maybe all of them. Playing on the self esteem may get you a long way towards getting some of that prized take-out. Being a regulare, respectful clean cut long time customer is the 1st step. Like previously mentioned, being a good spender who tips is important as well. But I think that pumping up the stripper with well worded and well timed complimentsmay provide the esteem boost that the woman is lacking in her personal life. Be careful though. These women are street wise and can see right through insinsarity. Build up your friendship and avoid superficial compliments like "you have great tits".

    Who knows, you might get free take-out like I unintentionally did years ago. I was a regulare of this one particular girl. We hit it off great and I would dance her once a month for about a year. Our pre booth socializing was up to 90min after the 5th visit. Then one springtime late afternoon after about 20 min of chatting, she told me that she wanted to leave her shift early to enjoy the sunshine. So I said ok lets go now to the booths and you can get out of here. Then I almost fell off my chair twice. 1st she says that she is feeling particularely horny and has not had sex in nearly a year and she wanted to know if I would be interested with having some fun for the rest of the day. Rest of the day? Before I could respond she interupted me to further state that under no circumstance was I to pay her. She said that despite her lapdance profession she was no whore, just a woman with needs. What could I possibly say to this fantasy cum true. We had fun for the rest of the day at her plateau apartment no less. I never even tried to bring this up with her and our dances in the booths had zero extras. No kissing, Hj, Digits etc. Just straight normal grinding. This led to a one year once per month friends with benefits arraingment that made me 5 years younger. My self-esteem was pumped.

    My second experience was totally intentional. It has not led to take-out yet but I am at the stage where under the right conditions it will happen and by her prompting, for free. She tells me that it would be free because we would probably hook-up in "real" life if not for this strip club setting. My goal is not to fall in love and I make that clear. I just want some variety (sex) with someone who I have a conection. I am willing to pay. Not any price though.

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