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Thread: am i the only one 123

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    Cool am i the only one 123

    hi well i have question: is it me or the site 123 is full of fake pics,switchero and some overprice for the quality!..i mean goign thrue it is enough like being on the price is right show that these agency think where dummy's with there fake pics comming from sites!! comme on!..there must be some good one for sure but when you text them no answer or there pics where when the where hotter back in the years..i say there must be at least a new thread started so we can have all the reviews on it regarding girls on the 123 site! instead there all over the place then you have again to try to find your review..if theres one.

    that is my 2 cent! peace!

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    Well up to me it's always been like that on 123 though it's getting worse. In my opinion it's been like there is 10 or 20 % of gems for 80 -90 % of let say below average deals
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    yeah but its funny that 123 pics keep changing and names all thew time then u get caught up

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    damn how many fake pics they thing we dont see!

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