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Thread: Why did I bother seing an Amerinan SP??

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    Why did I bother seing an Amerinan SP??

    Major waste of time and money. I bought two hours via paypal. I was nervous, she could tell, took advantage of it, I told her about my canadian experiences, the canadians when time is runining low would at least say we should get the show on the road. This american and I were talking for about 2 hours 15 minutes, and she asked me what time it was, and I told her, and said that I have to respect her parameters, though she didn't provide any time warning, and basically kicked me out, she had also jacked up her prices 200%, so if anything were to happen, I have to pay $800 for the next time, even if it were only 1 hr. I enjoyed the convo, realized maybe I should have been somewhat aggressive, but no time warning? So basically I spent $400 to talk to her. She's not a shrink! Ironically I told her about what sociopaths live in this area. Maybe she's not, maybe I'm misinterpreting this entire experience, but I got NOTHING other than conversation. Canada ueber alles baby. I can't wait to go back in two weeks.. Never agian in the US

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    May I ask what State this took place in? I think you just need to be a bit more assertive in dealing with someone like you encountered.
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    Hi Newbie,

    i'm not exactly sure what it is that you're specifically talking about, but if you make reference to the fact that you missed out on your date because you spent the whole time chatting instead of getting real action , well, i'm sorry to say so but i think that you only have yourself to blame for this . It's not up to her to keep track of time and forewarn you that time is running up. It's up to you do so. Like SK said, try to be more assertive next time. It should pay off.


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    In Virginia. I think she took advantage of my nervousness, because she said we should continue to talk, I told her I was fine. She even asked me early on if I had ever seen a SP before, and I told her about one I saw in Canada, how it went over time because we talked a lot, but we still spent a lot more time together without charge, and I would have been perfectly willing to pay for the extra time. At that point, which was early on, the American SP could have said "well, that doesn't happen here, and BTW, we are limited to two hours, so if you want to.." which she did not do. In Canada, I have never run into this problem, either that, or the girls are eager to get to the deed, or get it over, and they'll just suddenly lose their clothes. With this one, it felt more like a job interview! You'd think that she would want repeat clients, at least given me a reason to want to come back, and I left angry. Well. Looks like my plan to not have to visit Montreal often has failed...

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    May I ask what State this took place in? I think you just need to be a bit more assertive in dealing with someone like you encountered.

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    Newbie Pal:

    I do not know what an ‘Amerinan SP’ is. Perhaps all `Amerinan SPs` are bad? However, if you are talking about an American SP, I understand. But it is simply fallacious to generalize based on one single or even many instances of bad experiences. I am sure there are a lot of wonderful American companions that you have not encountered.

    Not to be disrespectful of any escort location, I can assure you the good, the bad, and the ugly are everywhere. So you need to do your homework, consult with your peers such as, pick the right poison with ‘wisdom’, and say a prayer to Zeus or your God. May lady luck be with you from now on, my friend!

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    Have met many SPs in NY over the last 20 years and services were almost always excellent.
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