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    What is the recommended Hotel or Motel
    where I could go for 2-4hours?

    I want a place with shower, and where I dont need
    to pass in front the desk with the girl...

    Also if possible, not around Downtown


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    Sex is emotion in motion
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    Do you know any other place more on the east end?

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    Why not try the chablis on sherbrook east they have really nice rooms for $35 for 4 hours. It's very clean there.
    You don't have to bring the girl with you just keep her in the car get the room and then go up with her. At the chablis there is 4 of them in montreal just to let you know. They have many entrances other than the one at the front desk.

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    there is another one it is called exel hotel/motel but that place is real gross I wouldn't go there if I were you. And there are always cops there. P.S. I forgot to tell you when you rent a room for 4 hours at the chablis they don't ask for any picture id or info only if you plan to stay the night.

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    Hello Oliver

    Hi I always wanted to ask but kept on forgetting. What do you do with the pic's of the street girls you take?
    Don't they mind that you take pictures of them?

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    Hi Oliver

    I have done the street too but I would have never gone down on my prices not for anyone. Of course they are not the same as when I do calls for agencies but I never lower my prices for no one so I know for a fact we have never met before. And as for the pictures, I would never be ok with that. I heard you say somewhere that you had taken a picture from far of girls before, that would scare me, because I am clean I don't use I do it for other reason and wouldn't want people to know that I have worked the street. I always read the street posts to see if anyone has talked about me and lucky for me no one has.

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    Motel Metro
    Does anyone know about this place-on Lajeunesse about a block from the Sauve Metro? I've been there a few times and it seems that there are a lot of young girls hangin around. I've never used any of them since I come with company. Very occasionally I get a room next to an occupied room and am able to hear everything. This is a real turnon for me and the woman I am with-the walls are very thin. The problem is that I get such a room only on rare occasions. Are there other motels with thin walls. A plus would be peepholes in the walls.

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    Hotel, Motel

    The Chablis on St-Jacques West is very good.
    Do not go to the Metro on Lajeunesse, go to the next one on the same street, somewhat north o fit(on block). I do not remember the name, but excellent place, ask fo room 208.
    The Chablis on Shrebrooke East is also a good place.

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    motel on lajeunesse

    It is still Ideal motel
    rates are ok and rooms are cleaner than metro motel. but regular rooms still a bit shabbier than Chablis on sherb east

    Chablis on sherbrooke st east is very nice, clean and new furniture etc.
    it is classy place and for 36.00 for regular room very good value.

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