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Thread: Can you top my top 5 hobby experiences?

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    Can you top my top 5 hobby experiences?

    Can you top my top 5 experiences? I thought It might be good to add this thread to remind us why we do this.

    #5 - 2006 Quebec City with ???
    I checked into my hotel and I decided I was going to call an escort. My now ex had cut me off so I decided I would pay-for-play next business trip. I had not called an escort in over a year. I had dabbled with escorts but I never really had any success. I didn`t dare use my work computer to access hookers on the internet and I had not heard of yet. I ran out to a restaurant and picked up a local paper. I called some agency that I had no knowledge of and I picked a girl.

    A slender 19 year old 5`6`` blond with “A” cups knocked on my door. We argued about the money. Once this was settled by a call to the booker, the SP explained she needed the money first and she would pay the driver and then come back to the room. She said she would leave her handbag as collateral. I looked in her handbag and there was a pack of smokes, a neon vibrator, and stripper heals. Hmmmm, I thought. I almost let her go but I asked her to show me her ass and she had a slutty little lower back tattoo and I asked to see her bellybutton and she showed me a sexy little piercing. It had been 10 years since I had something like this. I said OK. I told her that I would give her the money but she would also leaver her rabbit fur winter coat. I was December and in the middle of a snow storm and she argued about looking silly walking past the front desk without a coat in a snow storm. Too bad. This was the deal.

    She returned in 5 minutes true to her word. She put on her stripper heals and did a pole dance (minus the pole). When she crawled on my king size bed I decided to attack. I crawled behind her and started DATY. There was no DFK and the BJ was covered. But still - I thought it was wonderful having sex with a 19 year old hot young girl. her flat stomach, her tiny cellulite or baby stretch marks anywhere. How long has it been since I had a tasty morsel like this I was thinkng as I grabbed her hips and ass while doing doggie. This was pussy primavera at it`s finest. After 30-40 minutes of sucking and fucking I decided it was time to cum. I was starting to feel guilty about the pleasure of fucking someone less than half my age.

    I remember sitting on the bed watching her pack her neon vibrator and stripper heels back in her purse and she was shaking like a leaf. She couldn`t get her heels in the bag. I got off the bed and helped her. I took her by the hand and tried to calm her. My feeling was she was off to get high with the drugs the driver was picking up.

    Even thought the BJ was covered and there was no DFK I loved the feeling of fucking a 19 year old. I hadn`t had my dick in anything like this in a number of years. This was the moment I decided I was a hobbyist.

    #4 - Allysson of Devilish Nov 2007 - first MERB girl

    Allysson of Devilish was the first agency and the first girl I called after discovering When I opened the door I couldn`t believe what I saw. Allysson was a dead ringer for one of the girls from the local high school back in my neighborhood. I couldn`t believe I was going to fuck this would be prom queen who was half my age. I felt like the cat that swallowed the canary. She gave me a porn star with spitting just like in the movies and it felt great. She kissed better than any wife, GF, or lover I ever had. You call a girl in the United States for 160$ and they send over a low life hag or worse an undercover cop and I got to fuck this would be HS Chreerleader a year or two earlier? Lucky me. This was nearly my first lay in Montreal and it was intense! (Note* I did visit Montreal for a conference in 2001 and I had an Asian escort and I got a CBJ at club Grand Prixx back in 2001 but it was nothing like this).

    Here is my first Review -

    Is this the Allysson that is working for GOF?

    #3 - Angel at Termas Monte Carlo Rio De Janeiro. March 2011

    This was my second business trip to Brazil and I decided I was going to revisit Rio De Janeiro and revisit a Termas with a better reputation than the tourist trap Centaurus. I studied the Bubba Guide to Rio and how to take a girl home from the termas. I flew in early and after sunning myself on Copacabana I took a Cialis and went to seek Monte Carlo. I saw my petite blond Angel and I pounced on her. We made out like long lost lover for an hour before visiting the cabine. Rio GDPs will wear you out. We had a great 40 minute session and then returned to the bar. She agreed to meet me at my hotel on Copa after she got off work. She wanted me to go back there and wait for her. I at first agreed but the party was too good and decided to hang out with the girls. She came over and said ``I claim this one`` and spent the rest of the night making out with me. At midnight she told me to go back to my hotel and she would meet me there. She showed up 30 minutes later and fucked me all night for free. It was glorious. She wanted to come back the next day after taking her kids to the beach and I ditcher her. We had been e-mail friends for a year but we stopped writing. I kicked myself in the ass for not seeing her again.

    #2 - FKK Oase - My first Pilgrimage to the promised land - Feb 2011
    I had to see if this place really existed. I heard the floors of Oase were paved with tits and I was glad to see I was correct. I had 6 sessions with 6 different women in less than 36 hours for 350 euro and 130 Euros in entrance fees. I had no idea I had such stamina. Thank you Cialis but the girls had something to do with it.

    #1 - Hungry has a duo in Buenos Aeries Argentina - 2011
    I was coming off two bad experiences and I PM`d Smuler to see if he had any contacts in BA. He told me to call his buddy TanjoLibre but ``watch out,`` Smuler said. ``He is a crazy Texan.`` I met Tanjo at his favorite watering hole. The evening started off very strange and Tanjo was fucked up on ecstasy. So were the girls he wanted me to take home. He was trying to talk me into a show. He insisted I take both girls. One girl you cannot touch because she is a lesbian but she will put on a show and you can do whatever you want to the other girl. Just remember you cannot touch girl ``X`` because she is a lesbian. I reluctantly said OK but where is girl ``X?`` Tanjo says ``She’s outside getting some air. She is too high.`` I found out later that they had not slept in 2 days. The girls spoke no English and they were on ecstasy. We headed off to a pay-by-the-hour motel because one of the girls forgot her passport and therefore would not be allowed in my upscale Hotel. I was enjoying the show when girl ``Y`` started a . The so-called lesbian was so high she motioned for me to clean my cock because she wanted to try sucking. After 2-CIMWS we were on our way at 3am walking arm-in-arm down the street singing. God I would like to see those two again.

    Rounding out my top 10:
    Hungry`s First session with Liz of Xxxtase my ATF, later saw her at Eleganza and Asservassante; Hungry gets drunk with Leah of Eleganza. Carolyn of Xxxtase is late for her date with Hungry101; Hungry worships the loins of Gianna of Eleganza. Hungry meets a living legend: My visit with Jazz of Eleganza.

    Honorable mention #11 Ceira of GOF makes Hungry cum twice in 1-hour. #12 Hungry breaks the piggy bank to session with Mell Jabour the ex-Rio Termas girl living in LA. #13 - Bia of Termas L`uomo. #14 Adai of FKK World. #15 Deanna FKK Oase

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    I`ll have to think about this ... at first I thought it`d be easy to pull out a long list but when I thought about my hobbying, nothing was really mind blowing. if i looked at my FWBs, there was some crazy amazing times in different locations/trips/conferences/etc.

    I guess the first time i got the GFE treatment in 2003 while in Ottawa at a beer league hockey tournament would qualify as memorable.

    Natalie 2003 Ottawa - GFE+ Before Girl Friend Experience was ``In``
    I recall googling ``Ottawa Escorts`` and having to filter thru the usual array of LDL and girls who had no business being in the industry. Then I came upon an ad by Natalie`s agency pitching her as ``20 year old Pocahontas with amazing 32 C`s and incredibly sweet!`` ... with a face pic to boot!!?! It looked almost too good to be true but it was the best of the bunch so I called and spoke to the agency.

    The agency didn`t hard sell Natalie at all, in fact the owner/booker said ``there are 2 other girls in the car with Natalie and if for some reason Natalie isn`t your taste, I will send someone else... just call me right away and don`t wait.`` ... good enough insurance policy, especially at a time when I wasn`t using review boards to vet my sessions.

    When the knock came, 5`6 Natalie and her mocha complexion, looked 5`9 in heels, form hugging jeans, little black blazer, hair up with that doe-eyed look of her`s made the booking a no-brainer... so i called back, confirmed and extended on the spot. To this day I`m not sure I buy her ``I`m Native Indian`` line but she was Pocahontas all grown up!

    The intro`s were amazing and she rattled off places she had traveled to and things that she had done that had me thinking we had traveled together. Weird & talented. Then when the activities got under way, she offered all the GFE acronyms and extras with lines like:

    • If you want to cum in my mouth it`s ok, sometimes I swallow it if it tastes good. Hope you don`t mind.
    • I`ll bite you if I`m enjoying myself and I`ve been known to leave scratch marks but just tell me to stop if I`m hurting you.
    • Just tell me if you want to cum on my face because I will close my eyes.
    • Can I lick your balls. I like playing with them slowly to get you warmed up.

    Those lines were all straight from Chapter 1 of the GFE handbook! She was brilliant! A complete companion in every way.
    She even brought a new pair of black thigh-highs and kept her heels on (never once grazing my body with the heel during the action), true skill!
    All that and neither of us was intoxicated, high, nor enhanced in any way. The best all natural, all GFE meeting I`ve ever had.
    She was the only girl who could replicate a vibrator/``humming`` BJ technique a stripper I knew in Hamilton could pull off at Hanrahan`s and no one since has been able to do it.

    Her ratings on the Valley-scale:
    Face: 8 (super cute & naturally beautiful European French / East-Indian mix with fine celebrity features and big brown eyes)
    Body: 9 (aside from the slight sag in her C`s, she had an amazing sensual curvy body)
    Attitude: 10 (she introduced me to GFE+ and set the bar way too high for everyone else that has come after)
    Service: 10 (Natalie`s skills were so genuine and passionate, sexy, intense when appropriate that she did everything the ideal new girlfriend would and then some)
    [COLOR=``#800080``]Performance / Action: 10 (she received the Oscar from me!)[/COLOR]

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    Evil this is good. You know you just can't beat that first GFE experience. If I look at my top 5 they are all firsts of some sort. QC was the first time with a French Canadian and it was the first time with someone half my age. Allysson was my first Montreal GFE treatment from one of the legit agencies. Angel at Monte carlo was my 2nd time in a termas and the first time I ever had a love affair with an escort or got a brothel girl to go home with me. Oase was my first time in a FKK and the BA experience was the first time I had a duo where the girks interacted and they did a 2-hour session for peanuts.

    Evil - I see you are doing lots of chicas this year. You must enjoy this hobby as much as I do. Thanks for sharing

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    Here you go, Hungry. Here are a couple of my special events:

    1 with a bullet. Daria, at FKK World, our first two meetings: Thursday: My three session budget expired, I was delighted with the way my day had ended. Giselle was fabulous. But wait. I’ve only four days here and its only money and fucking sure is fun. Why not one more? There’s this luscious creature over there at the bar that I just can’t take my eyes off of. Oh, she’s not beautiful, but, oh my god, is she cute.

    Daria had no idea that this horny old geezer had her firmly in his sights. I was sitting on the couch nearest the video parlor, facing toward the pool, entirely surrounded by naked young woman (poor me) hungrily eyeing Daria over at the bar, when the dear young thing got up walked directly toward me and, finding no place to sit with her friends, hunkered down in front of the table, directly opposite me. And there she sat for the next 15 minutes or so, utterly oblivious to the lascivious character gawking at her lustfully from a mere 8 feet away. Go figure. I think I see my dream girl.

    Eventually, the two young women who were sitting to my immediate right (I can’t even tell you what they looked like, so caught up was I in Daria’s spell) got up and left. I made my move. I started waving my arms over my head to get her attention; the motion must have caught her eye as she looked up, smiled at me and laughed in such a way as to melt my heart in an instant. I was to learn quickly that her English is near fluent (she also speaks her native Slovak, as well as Czech, Russian, and German) and that she is as charming as she is cute. Daria is my dream girl.

    Daria told me that she recognized me from my previous trip and I only vaguely remember her. My weekend at World back in May was her last weekend there and she’d only returned a mere hour ago. She’s here for the weekend and will be for weekends until Christmas. Beyond that she doesn’t know. Daria is my dream girl.

    We made out for a little while on the couch, fully engaged before selecting more private quarters. The next half hour was rapture. We went at each other tenderly and lovingly, stopping occasionally to talk and laugh, still fully connected. She went down on me a couple of times, and both times I stopped her. I wanted to be inside her and, most of all, I wanted to be deep within her eyes and her within mine. Daria is my dream girl.

    When our session was done and Daria paid, rather than goodbye, she told me she'd join me in the lounge shortly. I showered, as did she, and we met back in the lounge and she joined me on the couch, a unique experience for me as I've learned that one has very little, if any, contact with a girl after the fact; she doesn't want you in her space while she's seeking business. Perhaps is was, ahem, my charm; perhaps it was that there was no business to be had. We spent another 15 minutes or so holding hands and chatting. I learned that her birthday is next week, a fact that came as little surprise to me as I've always had a weakness for Scorpio women. (I'm still in the throes of a recovery from a heartbreak suffered at the hands of a triple Scorpio with whom I co-habited when much younger. And that was over 40 years ago.)

    The day was done. And what a day it was. Tomorrow Oase. Saturday back at World. There was a time early in the evening when I thought I’d bypass a second trip to World, but such will not be the case. My first session on Saturday will be with Daria, my last might be as well. I have the sense that she’s one that I just won’t be able to get enough of.

    Saturday, two days later: It’s now past 2:00 and still no Daria. More time passes and eventually, as I’m moving through the dining hall, I see Daria move quickly through, seemingly agitated, not seeing me. My heart leaps. I return to the locker, swallow a little pick-me-up, and return to the main floor to wait for her. And wait. And wait. Did she have a prior appointment? Some 45 minutes pass before Daria finally walks on to the floor. I approach her from behind, put my hands on her shoulders; I kiss the nape of her neck gently and turn her around. She sees my face, and hers turns to a knee-weakening smile. She kisses me softly and we sit; she tells me she’s angry with herself for having overslept, which requires that she’ll need to work until closing. We chat a bit, the steam starts to rise, we disappear to a little chamber where we spend the next 30 minutes making sweet, sweet love, our eyes in contact throughout as we kiss, talk, laugh, and love throughout. Her body is delicious, her laughter a joy to hear. She is fun, so much fun to be with, my Slovakian dreamgirl.

    We finish around 4:30. I have a plan. I will have another session around 5:45, with an as yet to be determined sweetie. I will then finish my vacation with Daria at 7:30. I ask her to find me at that time or as soon thereafter as she’s free. And we part. She spends the next hour or so sitting and conversing with Sophia, clearly to my eye the two most gorgeous creatures in the room side by side. I spend most of this hour within easy eyeshot utterly unable to take my eyes from them, though they don’t seem to be aware of my presence. I briefly think of taking the two of them together, though that, I know, would be fatal.

    After about an hour of watching Daria and Sophia and not really taking notice of anyone else that I want more than I want Daria, I decide that it must be 7:30 and no clock dare tell me otherwise. I go directly to Daria; not passing go; not collecting $200. Perhaps she won’t be my last session. I can wait no longer for her. I walk over to her and tell her it’s 7:30. She giggles and corrects me. I say, let’s pretend. And off we go. We go downstairs for some more of the same only this time, some 15-20 minutes in, I realize that there’s just no way I’m going to be ready to end this at 30. We laugh, we talk, we grope, we fondle, we make such sweet music together. Oh, what fun this is. What a sweet fabulous young woman. Tragically, the hour comes to its inevitable end and off we go. I pay, we part, she promises to meet me in five minutes and we’ll have dinner together. And then, having eaten, having had my final session with Daria, I’ll leave World and FKKland for home, some fabulous memories tucked safely away.

    Waiting for Daria, I’m approached by a gent who offers, “So, you’re the Scorpio lover.” It’s the very man who was speaking with Sophia early in the day. Having seen me so enthralled with Daria, Nick the G was able to nail me as regnaD quite easily. I join Nick at his table, briefly, while awaiting Daria’s return and we catch up a bit on the day’s events. After Daria returns, we dine and part, and I join Nick in the lounge, fully convinced my erotic escapades are over.

    And then, simultaneously, Olivia and I spy each other. Her face lights up and I take my leave of Nick to greet an old friend. Olivia and I take in each others eyes, we kiss, we hug, we grope. I inform her that my body is failing, that I’m going to need assistance and must allow about 20 minutes for the assistance to take hold. I rush off, rush back. We go off to one of those sectioned off booths to sit and make out while the chemicals take hold. And then it’s off to the chamber, where I’m only briefly able to perform. Even with the assistance, there’s just nothing left of me. I pay, we part, I return to where Nick the G is sitting in the lounge.

    Nick and I sit there chatting awhile. From him I get a sense of how different the FKK experience is for a local person, one who doesn’t feel the need to pack the entire experience in as I must, what with the expense and time involved in travel and the time between these adventures. Would that I, too, could visit World monthly, one day at a time

    Feeling a thirst, I get up and head to the bar, fetching a drink for each of us, returning straightaway to where Nick and I were sitting only to find that my seat by his side has been taken. Who is this woman who dares usurp my spot? It’s Nick’s longtime acquaintance, Daria. She laughs, “I took your seat,” in a manner that charms the towel off me. Sliding over ever so slightly to make room for me by her side, she lays her head on my shoulder and tucks her body into mine and me, I find my fingers stroking her curves, gently caressing her perfect breasts, so perfect beneath my fingers, but with no dream whatever that my lifeless body will resurrect it self. Not a bloody chance. She feels wonderful, her face gorgeous, her voice precious, her laughter lighting my little world. Her skin is soft, magnificent. Something is stirring beneath my towel. I hear the voice of Springsteen, “Come on up for the Rising, Come on up, lay your hands in mine, Come on up for the rising, Come on up for the rising tonight. May I feel your arms around me, May I feel your blood mix with mine, A dream of life comes to me, Like a catfish dancin' on the end of the line. Come on up for the Rising.” I’m now fully risen; it seems my poor unit has taken on a life of its own. Daria is pure magic. Daria is able to make my body do things thought unimaginable. I whisper to her that we must go, we must go immediately. I nod to Nick, who throws his head back and laughs heartily as Daria and I depart. We spend our last time together in passion and joy as exuberant as our first moments together 48 hours earlier; I pay no attention to the bittersweet fact that this is the last bit of time we’ll have together and to the very real possibility that I’ll never again see this marvelous woman who has moved me so utterly, who has provided me with a pleasure so deep, so thorough, so real. Oh, Daria’s not my lover, not my girlfriend, but in this brief stretch of time, we’ve made a very genuine connection and one that will stay with me, one that will continue to provide me with pleasure in its memory. And who knows, maybe we’ll meet up again. Before I take my leave, Daria provides me with a means of contact to let her know when I plan to pass this way again.

    Back on the floor with Nick and Daria, I linger just a bit longer before before bidding each a difficult farewell. I’ve lingered this evening far longer than I’d originally planned and I’d totally blown my day’s budget, but what, I ask you, are budgets for, if not to break? That’s it. As I look down, I see Ireland from 35,000 feet. If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading. I hope you’ve enjoyed all this as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it, which, of course, pales beside the pleasure of the experience. I will be back again, sooner, I hope, rather than later.” At night I’ll wake up with my sheets soaking wet, and a freight train running through the middle of my head. I got a bad desire. Oh, oh, oh, I’m on fire.”
    Ayn Rand, Rand Paul and Paul Ryan walk into a bar. The bartender serves them tainted alcohol because there are no regulations. They die.

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    2. Heidi at Oase: Heidi is my dream girl. Hey, wait didn’t I say that yesterday about Daria? So? Who said dream girl is a singular noun? I arrived at Oase this afternoon at the crack on 13:00, changed me clothes and took a suitable position on a couch. The plan, as always to simply survey the scene for an hour and a half or so, before getting down to the serious business of pleasure. Hey, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Today it didn’t.

    So, sitting on the couch I was when I was taken from a distance by the sweetest smile I’d seen all week. Heidi, in one instant, in one swell foop, absconded with my mushpie of a heart and I haven’t seen it since.

    Heidi approached me, sitting as I was, there on the couch, the picture of resistance, utterly determined that the clock would strike 3 before anyone, be she Heidi, Catherine Deneuve, or Ingrid Bergman; 3 PM, dammit, before anyone would entice me off to the Zimmer. And so I told Heidi and sent her on her merry way, promising to see her later, and off she went as I felt the rise of a force far stronger than anything my brain could conceivably resist. As I got up from the couch, I could hear a silent “Yes, Master” emanating from my upper brain to my lower.

    A bit about Ms. Heidi before I go any further. She’s only briefly mentioned in this thread and, in fact, has only been on the scene for three months. (There are references to another Heidi, also from Hungary, in past years, but clearly these are to an entirely different girl, in many ways.) Heidi has been described as a spinner, but to my mind a spinner is near anorexic, so thin that she lacks shape. Not so with Heidi. While she’s tiny, I wouldn’t say she’s underweight. She has a wonderful little body, delicious curves, and petite breasts, slightly more than a mouthful and a delight to both touch and tongue. She does stand a bit over 5 feet tall. She has brown hair. Beautiful she’s not. I find her pretty though I’m not sure that all would. What she has in spades is warmth, exuberance, and spunk. And a smile that turned my heart to jelly as if it were Captain Zero’s ray gun. Heidi is easily the most affectionate young woman I've met in my travels on these shores.

    Back to our regularly scheduled programming. When last seen, regnaD kciN, he of the recently jellied heart, obeying commands from below, dutifully abandoned his place on the couch and, now zombielike, went off to fetch the fetching Ms. Heidi. Past the bar, nothing. Out to the “dining area.” Nothing. A gaze across the warm tub, still 3 degrees too cool, but I digress, to the tables and stools beyond. There she was. Alone.

    I felt a thin shiver run up my spine as I strode down on the cold marble floor. What was it about this place? The atmosphere was as phony as the Tudor balustrade that leered at me from the top of the staircase and there she stood, radiant. All those curves showing through that flimsy burnoose.*

    I approached and she smiled. I smiled back. I was now totally in her power, but retaining enough of my senses to query against future disappointment. I asked her, flat out, how she felt about kissing. And I was told, “Yes, but only in the room.” This, in my experience, is never a good sign. I offered her my mouth and was given a little peck in return. I offered my mouth again and was offered a peck and a half. I offered my mouth a third time and this time I got a bushel. Now we’re standing by the door to the outdoors making out like teenagers and I throw my arms around her and she throws hers around me. This goes on for several minutes when finally push comes to shove, comes to push me, pull you and it’s off to the Zimmer we go. The next 30 minutes (or what passes for it) pass in a blurry haze of some of the most passionate and playful lovemaking I’ve experienced in many a year. At a suitable pause in the action, I asked her if she knows how much time we had left. She looked her watch and said 10 minutes. I have no idea how long we’d been together and I don’t know if she really did. In any case, that was the demarcation point and the action continued. I paid the dear thing and we went in different directions to freshen up. On parting, I gave her the bad news. Seems I hadn’t nearly enough of her and had further designs upon her person before the sun would set this day. Consider yourself on notice, young lady.

    Under normal circumstances I’d have let a couple of hours pass before initiating another session. But these were not normal circumstances. I was under a spell and, as I’m sure you know, one must pay dutiful heed to spells under which one lies. (This is particularly true, by the way, in this, the land of the Brothers Grimm.) Oh, I dunno, maybe an hour, maybe an hour and a half passed. I’m sitting on a couch in the lounge between the bar and the Cloud O’ Smoke lounge when, for some ungodly reason, Jamilla, the Cuban woman, now deemed by me, perhaps harshly, a pest, comes and parks herself next to me. I bid her hello and she says hello as well. We then sit there silently for a few moments. Oh, shit. Heidi walks into the room and quicker than Rickey Henderson goes from first to third, I hear that little voice commanding from below. Thankfully, I’m on my game and, with nary a word, I get up from the couch, move quickly to the parallel one, thankfully empty, and invite sweet Heidi to join me. A few minutes of groping and some serious face-sucking ensue and we’re off in search of more private surroundings. I learn that she’s particularly fond of the Coke room. (That’s Coca-Cola, boys.) And whatever happened to kissing in the Zimmer only?

    Anyway, to make a long story even longer, we’re huffing and puffing away like weasels in heat when at a suitable point in the festivities, I query her on the time remaining. 10 minutes. (10 minutes, my sweet Irish ass, methinks.) We’re back at each other and again, amid the merriment, I ask again. 5 minutes. (Right, and I’m James Brown.) Back at it. And I ask again. 2 minutes. Back to the fun. Clearly, she wants this to be over every bit as much as I do. She asks me if I want to extend to an hour, giving little thought to the fact that we’ve been in this room for 45-50 minutes already so to extend for to an hour holds little reward for me. I gently tell her no. I haven’t had nearly enough of her and want this dalliance to last as long as possible. We’ll spend that other half hour later. I pay, we part and go each off on our merry ways.

    Guessing here. Round one was between 2-2:45. Round two between 4:10 and 5:00. Somewhere around 5:45, I’m headed in the direction of the Kino when I see Heidi sitting on the circular couch in the middle of Death to Ye Who Dares to Breathe the Air Lounge. She summons me; I obey. She can’t be thinking it’s time for another round, can she? She can. The prelims follow and I gesture in the direction of the Kino where we spend the next 30 minutes or so sucking and fucking and doing all those things boys and girls do when they’re not properly supervised.

    It’s dinner time and I invite Heidi to join me. She does, swiping a bite or two from my plate in a show of comfort, one with the other. It’s now 7 PM and I’ve been at the club for six hours, almost all of which was spent under the spell of this sweetest of all young women. There’s nothing further that Oase can possibly hold for me tonight so I bid the object of my affection a bittersweet adieu and depart the scene, entirely ausgefickt.
    Ayn Rand, Rand Paul and Paul Ryan walk into a bar. The bartender serves them tainted alcohol because there are no regulations. They die.

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    Thank you for relating that FKK experience. If nothing else Rumpleforeskin, you are an outstanding writer. Yes, after the session you usually become invisible to the FKK SP. Her sitting down with you was a great sign. Heidi did that was me too.

    I am thinking that I just may go over time with one girl/day on my next FKK visit. As much as I love the FKK, I miss that Montreal GFE experience that you get from an hour date. I love the FKK but Montreal is GFE extreme.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hungry101 View Post
    Yes, after the session you usually become invisible to the FKK SP. Her sitting down with you was a great sign. Heidi did that was me too.
    Next trip over, I arrived at Oase late in the morning as usual and immediately went looking for Heidi, wondering if she'd even recognize me if I found her. Not outside, not by the massage room, nowhere to be seen. I walked past the bar and as I entered the big room, I saw three girls talking by the kino entrance. The one with her back to me might be Heidi. I decided to walk into the kino and catch a sideways glance at her.

    I saunter over and casually glance at her as I walk by. It is her. She looks up at me and breaks into a huge smile. She jumps up and throws her arms around me and you can imagine the rest. Did you see her this trip over? I wonder if she's still around. I haven't seen her in a couple of years. I didn't get to Oase on my last trip. I did spend a lot of time, however, with Daria.
    Ayn Rand, Rand Paul and Paul Ryan walk into a bar. The bartender serves them tainted alcohol because there are no regulations. They die.

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    The Hungary contingent told me she went home. Sounded to me like she was done for now.

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    Wow, so much to read! I don't think I can top any. My adventures will probably seem mundane to the more experienced gentlemen, but here they is:

    June 10th, 2010. 5:15pm. The Origins

    This is it, the beginning of my life a hobbyist. There were other prostitutes before and lots of MP but this is when it started in earnest.

    It was at sexy4u, the bargain bin of escort agencies. I did’nt know what to expect but I hit the jackpot the first time.

    Alicia was a curvy girl with silky blond hair, big firm breast, a pretty face and a kind and gentle personality. Most people would call her pretty but average looking, but she was just perfect for me. A good bargain indeed at 120$/h. I did’nt know anything about etiquette, so afterwards I tried to give her a 60$ tip. She said I was crazy, that it was way too much for that service. She accepted 20$. That was very decent of her, not taking advantage of a newbie.The second time I saw her I took 2h. That was my most intense performance: almost non-stop action with just 1 SOG at the end. I saw her 8 times in one year and then she left.

    Sex was good but not the best I’ve had. That’s not why I was so fond of her. I just felt very at peace with her. I liked spooning with her in a post-coital daze and listen to her talk. She had a sweet pleasant voice that was like a lullaby.

    July 1st, 2010. 3:30pm. Opening new horizons

    Wow! Canada day! For the occasion I chose red-headed Dyannie also at sexy4u. When she openend the door, I was slightly disappointed because I did not really find her face to my taste. Then she hugged me and gave me a big french kiss on the spot and I was lost.
    That was my first taste of GFE service. Yippee! That’s one lady who obviously loves sex and knows her way around a bed. One time, we noticed afterward that the bed had moved by 2-3 feet. Small-scale teleportation no doubt.
    I did not see her often because she worked daytime. But in July 2011 I rediscovered her as Eve Laflamme, while I discovered OurAffair. It was wonderful to see her again, and frolic in the glorious sunshine of their high-floor appartment. I was so happy, I wrote my first MERB review!

    Now she does outcalls, which I don’t like as much. Sadly it was also with her I had my disfunctional time I wrote about in the “worst experience” thread. I have’nt had the courage to book her since. She opened new wonderful horizons to me, but I feel like that door closed for me. Maybe some day again...

    January 3rd, 2012. 4pm. Perfection at last

    Oh boy, oh boy! This is Tingting! She gave me back confidence in my abilities, among other things. She’s like all the best features of all the women I ever met combined in one, and chinese too! A sweet GFE attitude that make all the others seem like Selma Bouvier.
    Huge breasts and beautiful ass like a fit and toned version of my first Alicia. A fiery passion for sex like Eve. She licks and moan and bites. She seems a strong-willed intelligent women in life, but docile as a GFE. She can be playfully dominant during prelims and deliciously submissive during sex. She’s the only one to have said “I love you” during sex. I’m not getting any ideas of course, but its still a nice touch. I’ve been seeing her once a month, like clockwork.

    Somewhere in early 2000s. The best of the worst.

    In my prehistoric times, I’ve wasted money on a few street hookers on corner of St-Laurent and St-Catherine. One of them I remember fondly. Her name might have been something like Tracy or Tanya. She was a very short dark-haired woman with a tatoo on her ass that said “Munchies”. (Anybody know her?) I told her it was because she was always munching on something, ha, ha. Even then I was so funny. She had a nice bush and a nice ass. We fucked very hard for a long time and then spent some time relaxing and chatting. She was very fun and friendly. I saw her a second time and the little hotel was so busy, we were a bunch of “couples” in a waiting room waiting for a room. She got tired of waiting and she arranged with the owner for us to use the restroom. That was delightfully sleazy.
    “Truth, Justice, Freedom, Reasonably Priced Love.”

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    now you`ve all got me thinking about FKK!!!

    let`s see, another great session i had was with my first MILF...

    Natasha 2000 Toronto - 1st MILF ...with the ULTIMATE TIGHT PUSSY
    It was a 2AM booking that showed up at 3AM. What a surprise. Again, I was exhausted by that time but was horny as hell after a night out and a late finish to a beer league hockey game.

    So i booked a woman named Natasha (there were so many escorts named Natasha in Toronto for some strange reason... luckily I love the name) who was pitched as a Hot MILF and an Energier Bunny in Bed! Wow, my first MILF! It was like christmas eve and I was going to stay up all night if i had to to experience this first!

    When she arrived, I happily opened to door to 5`6 grumpy Natasha who stated very bluntly, ``You`re my last call then I have to get home to my kids!`` So classy! LOL
    I was already extending my night with shots of delicious Glenfiddich whisky and she joined me for a couple of glasses.
    Natasha was attractive but wore no make-up (at least at that point of the night) so she looked tired and a little burnt. And the body was tight, toned, fit without being muscular for a 36 year old who was advertised as a 29 year old.. and she apparently had 2 little angels at home, fuck me!

    After 5mins she lead me the bed and slowly undressed me while peeling off her own clothing, skillfully maintaining eye-contact throughout.
    Then she started licking and sucking on me all over.
    She proceeded to give me a CBJ (standard at the time) and when she said I was ready, straddled me on in CG and started shifting side to side to work me into her waiting wet pussy all while telling me ``I`m really tight`` to which I thought ``That`s what everyone says but after a night of service no one stays tight``
    But maaaaaaaaaaaaan, you have never felt a tighter pussy then the one on Natasha.
    She wasn`t joking.
    It was even tight for a pinky finger.
    She told me aerobics. Yeah! I believe you!
    After 15mins of thrusting away in various positions, she told me ``Are you going be one of those guys who just keeps going all night without cumming because I have to get home by 4:30AM!``
    That`s when I stopped and said, ``l really like the feel of your pussy, it`s the tightest thing I`ve ever felt.`` She replied, ``Oh, I know babe!``
    So during the short time-out, I went limp and she started blowing me covered but after 3mins with little success getting me up again, she said, ``Fuck this!`` and snapped off the condom and continued with a high pressure and vigorous with lots of spitting!
    Soon after I was on top and thrusting away for another 15mins and it was ecstasy in that pussy!
    Finally she looked at the time and realized we were 15mins over and told me ``I knew you weren`t going to cum. You`re the greedy type aren`t you!`` LOL It was funny, stupid and surreal to hear someone say that! All I could reply with was ``It was just too good to be inside you!`` ... to which she retorted, ``That`s sweet honey, but I have kids waking up in a few hours and I need to get ready for them!``
    All I could think of was the sight of my dick coming out with each thrust and how the inside of her vagina kept exiting with my dick.

    A few baby wipes, a kiss at the door with a playful slap/tap on my left cheek and her final proclamation of the night ``I`m going to get you next time! You`re going to cum whether you want to or not!`` (them be fightin` words ) and she was gone!

    I know it sounded like a bit of a brutal session, but my first time with a MILF, the Ultimate Tight Pussy and a little sassy was lots of fun.
    You never forget your first time with a MILF nor the tightest pussy you`ve even experienced ... to get both at the same time was unreal and totally memorable!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hungry101 View Post
    ... You must enjoy this hobby as much as I do.
    hungry, i'm definitely enjoying the hobby.
    likewise, thanks for sharing here!

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    1) Angelic of Eleganza --- May 2007

    Saw her at the Place D`Armes. Wanted to see her for a good while since 2005 but our schedules never aligned and the agency she was working for at the time I found to be questionable. She went by a few names from what I remember before she worked for John. Finally was able to see her and boy and to this day I still wish she comes back to the scene. Everything was on the menu. There was no holding back with either of us. Wanted to see her again but by the time I was available two months later John told me he had to fire her for being unreliable. After that she was gone from the scene. Only saw her once.

    2) Ophelie of The companions/FKS/Indy --- August 2008

    The Clarion Suites. Gave me that memorable after feeling like Amelie in my first encounter. Saw her two more times, October 2008 (Auberge Du Vieux-Port) and March 2009 (Le Cantlie Suites). Afterwards decided not to carry things further because there were some indications in the third meeting that tells my intuition to call it quits or else things can be potentially unpredictable and ugly.

    3) Caroline of FKS/Lilly Pearl as Indy --- October 2008

    Auberge Du Vieux-Port. First encounter was a dinner date. Very subtle yet an amazing encounter. This girl is multi-orgasmic and if you know how to stack orgasms it is going to be quite memorable. Saw her two more times in July 2009 at the then newly opened Le Westin. The encounters were intense and we clicked sexually but as all good things especially in this hobby, quit while you are emotionally ahead.

    4) Naomie of Satin Dreamz/MSC --- May 2010

    Saw her for two hours in early morning while staying at Le Cantlie Suites. Was a very surprising amazing encounter that was intense to that it ``ruined`` my other encounters in those three days I was in hobby mode. I had low to mid expectations coming into this encounter and yet it exceeded on so many levels. Naomie knows how to find what makes you tick and when she does she will not let go. Squeezed four shots out of me and I was very satisfied from the inside out yet I was exhausted especially emotionally. In the afternoon I had an appointment with the legendary Jasmine yet my mind was still with Naomie.

    7) Amber of MGF --- December 2010

    The Radisson. Saw her only once when she was touring my city for two hours. Wow she was gorgeous and the encounter was great. Worthy of a repeat and wanted to see her in Montreal but around this time she was not available. She came back to my city in April/May 2011 but by then I was dating a civilian girl so the hobby have to put at a grinding halt.

    8) Emmanuelle of MGF --- January 2011

    Saw her at Green Tree Hotel when she was touring my city. A two hour encounter. I can say out of all my years of hobbying to me Emmanuelle was the ultimate best. It was Naomie, Angelic and Caroline all rolled into one. It was an encounter when I close my eyes and look back it still gives me shivers and hope that one day she comes back into the game. This SP squeezed six shots out of me. After her I didn`t have the need to screw for a few months. She is still listed on the website but she has been MIA for a good while.

    9) Veronica Sway of FKS (Toronto) - April 2011

    Stayed at The Cosmopolitan Hotel. Only saw one girl because I was not planning to hobby since it was a trip to see how the casinos are like in Ontario. Won some good money at the baccarat tables at Casino Rama so had to reward myself for playing correctly and profitable. Saw Veronica Sway of FKS for two hours. I would definitely repeat. In the caliber of Naomie and Emmanuelle. Wanted to see Daniella of Cupids. Was not available when I wanted to see her and they upped her price to $800 for two hours from $500.

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    Jesus Christ Numerati this is an impressive list. Welcome to the board. I have to look a few of these girls up. How many are still active? It is nice toread about another guy with a passion for this hobby that matches my own. One comment....don't let a civilian relationship fuck up your hobbying. Moderation and balance is key.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hungry101 View Post
    Jesus Christ Numerati this is an impressive list. Welcome to the board. I have to look a few of these girls up. How many are still active? It is nice toread about another guy with a passion for this hobby that matches my own. One comment....don't let a civilian relationship fuck up your hobbying. Moderation and balance is key.
    Naomie is still active on the list in Montreal. Amelie goes by Lauren French as an indy in Toronto. Veronica Sway is definitely around and going strong in with Toronto FKS. Ophelie is still in the game even though she "retired."

    Oh some of my other encounters in Montreal that were just as great and these women are still active:

    1) Chloe of FKS/Indy. From 2008 to 2010. Saw her three times. Once at the Vieux Port in October 2008 and twice at Le Cantlie Suites in 2009 and 2010. Saw her two times when she worked for Chris at GOF and once when she "started" her own agency of Chloe's Playground. First time was a two hour encounter the two other times were dinner engagements. She was very liberal in the oral department when she was with GOF. Things became restricted the third time around when she left Chris. Would I repeat with her? Most likely if I am up in Montreal again. Since I don't live in Montreal anymore my hobbying in this great city has been muted somewhat.

    2) Veronika. Indy girl. Met her once in 2009 for two hours in the afternoon at Le Cantlie Suites. Very sweet girl. Has a very subtle demur girly personality from what I remember. We got along great socially and sexually. Once you find her G-Spot it is a great scene to see and experience. Wanted to do a dinner date with her because she immediately gave me a good discount after she came the second time but our schedule never jived and there were other women who distracted my attention. Would pull off a dinner date with her? Yes. If I am in Montreal again.

    3) Jezabelle of SatinDreamz. Met her once for two hours at the Vieux Port in October 2008. Amazing SP all around from personality to performance. No need to say further since she has pages and pages of raves. Didn't experience CIMWS like many but good enough for me. This woman got skills. She reminds me of that horny housewife I met at Cardio Kickboxing.

    4) Frederique of MSC. Now that she is back. Saw her once in February of 2008 for four hours for a dinner date when I was staying at the Embassy Suites. Pretty good encounter. If she allowed digits it would of been memorable. That woman squeezed three shots out of me and I slept like a baby afterwards. The way she walks/moves was a visual Viagra all on its own. This woman has been in this game for so long she can catch your subtleties when you are about to climax and then does her little teases.

    5) Jasmine of Chloe's Playground. Met her at Le Cantlie Suites for two hours in the afternoon in May 2010. She is somewhat active still since I remember seeing her working for a short time this year so I will include her here. Would of definitely be one of the great encounters but I was still emotionally occupied with Naomie whom I saw earlier in the morning. She also works in some massage place and she gives one of the most amazing massages. I would give her the nickname, The Great Flood. Would I repeat? Most definitely if she returns and our schedule mesh and I am sure it is going to reach its potential since I am not emotionally hindered. Only had one shot because of this. So spent most of the two hour encounter constantly making her squirt until she was exhausted and tapped out.

    The reason I didn't put these women as my top hobby experiences is because the session didn't give me that emotional hit during and after the encounter. They were amazing of course but it was missing that something. That something is when after the encounter you are like "WHOA! What just happened?" And in some way you are never the same again because you are to not fall in love with her but she changed you in a way you never thought possible.

    The women I mentioned in this post are active. You may experience that WHOA! AHA! Moment with them since all of us are different. Their pages of reviews speak for themselves.

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    Numerati, those were fun to read!

    I'm honestly impressed with the fact you recall the hotels where you met with the girls. Nice touch!
    Then again, the great moments leave a lasting impression and are harder to forget.

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