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Thread: Is this an SP training camp?

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    Is this an SP training camp?

    I recently came across this kind of bizarre gallery of photos:

    There's some pretty funny images, but there's not much info contained, except that the photos are of young women getting taught how to service men (including prostate massages it seems like), and their "manuals" seem to be in Russian.

    After a while I though, I wonder if this is some kind of workshop for women who are going overseas to work in the sex trade? Any thoughts?

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    Hello SIC,

    It's my girlfriend (not the only one) in her class teaching young nubile future escorts the basics of great sex I taught her. See photo 3 where she proudly displays an exact reproduction of my unit in a fully loaded state. I am honored to share my knowledge to help improve service in this hobby and bring high quality and happiness to all.

    That's not my butt in photo 1 though...the real deal is much more sculptured.

    No no no...don't bother thanking me, I'm sure you are all very grateful.

    vous êtes tous les bienvenus,


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    Merlot, I can't tell if you're serious or not

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    To me it looks like a sex-toy party, kind of like tupperware. The prostate thing does look like a little more is involved.

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    Looks like an educational workshop on how to please your man, or that's what I got from the pics.

    Actually, they have something like this in China where the chinese SPs that work the special access floors at the 5 star hotels usually get trained on the finer points on giving their clients pleassure. When these girls come from the chinese country side they see it as a way to support their family and if there's ever a client that complains, then it's back to the country side for the girl. So great care is taken to teach the SPs and the SPs take great care in pleasing their clients. Unlike here where our SPs are spoiled and all they do is just lay there and think that's sufficient enough. The crap that SPs pull off here will never happen in China.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Merlot View Post
    Hello SIC,... an exact reproduction of my unit in a fully loaded state.... not my butt in photo 1 though...
    Fred Zed, I'm still waiting for the puking smilie. Merlot is pushing the limit, again.

    Quote Originally Posted by SuperIntendantChalmers View Post
    Merlot, I can't tell if you're serious or not
    No, SIC. He has just had too much Merlot, again.
    If this is prostate massage training, why is she trying to yank it out. Aren't prostate massages supposed to be given where the are?
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    Could it be a training course for girls that want to do erotic movies.

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